We are always deeply grateful for all of your support, and in the past few months, we are especially grateful for our monthly members. Your memberships have sustained us and have allowed most of our teachers to continue working. We thank you for your unwavering support.

As we start thinking about how to participate in our local economy from a place of solidarity, we have changed the structure of our rates:

A tiered sliding scale membership that takes into account the fact that we are fully online, that centers those of us that have been financially affected by Covid-19, and creates opportunity for those not affected to help support the studio, the teachers and your fellow practitioners, and that values the teachers time and work. This is what it looks like to us to be in close relationship with our community and to move towards a practice of cooperative economics.

When choosing your tier of membership we invite you to look at what is possible through a lens of COLLECTIVE CARE in a way that feels authentically generous without causing you hardship. In other words, we are putting the responsibility in your hands as the “consumer” and trusting that you value the services we offer and will make the choice that honestly reflects your financial possibilities.


Tier 1



  • UNLIMITED Classes
  • On-Demand Access
Tier 2



  • UNLIMITED Classes
Tier 3



  • UNLIMITED Classes



Sliding Scale

  • Single Livestream Class

*Until further notice: NO CLASS CARDS. Those who already have class cards can continue to use them until they run out.

** All memberships are on auto-renew. Membership cancellations can be done by emailing at least 7 days before membership renewal date.

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