New Students/FAQ

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, all classes are currently ONLINE and Livestreaming! Find the schedule of classes here.

Here is a list of beginner and mixed level classes that are excellent for students at the beginner level.
Each of the classes below is led by an experienced teacher, adept at modifying classes to fit students of all levels.


MONDAY: 12 PM Hatha Flow // 7:30 PM Gentle Restorative
TUESDAY: 9AM Hatha Flow  // 6:30 PM Iyengar
WEDNESDAY: 12 PM Hatha Flow // 7:30 PM Flow into Rest
THURSDAY: 9 AM Iyengar // 7:45 PM Yin
FRIDAY: 12 PM Hatha Flow // 7 PM Gentle Restorative
SATURDAY: 9 AM Hatha Flow // 12:30 PM Bilingual Hatha
SUNDAY: 6 PM Iyengar


MONDAY: 12PM Warm Vinyasa Flow // 8PM Warm Yin Yoga
TUESDAY: 9AM Hatha Flow // 7:30PM Flow into Rest
WEDNESDAY: 12 PM Warm Foundation Flow
THURSDAY: 6:15PM Vinyasa Foundations
FRIDAY: 7PM Warm Gentle Restorative
SUNDAY: 3:30PM Warm Yin-yasa

  • Regular Classes
    We strongly recommend that you sign up in advance for classes through the schedule page. Classes will be closed to advance reservations 30 minutes prior to the class. In order to sign up in advance you must pay for the class. You have until 1 hour prior to the class to cancel without penalty. Please take a moment to read our policies on cancellations and lateness below. If you’re thinking of coming to class, but it’s too late to sign up online, please do still show up! Drop ins are always welcome.
  • Workshops
    We strongly recommend you sign up for workshops in advance. Workshops will be closed to advance reservations 24 hours prior to the class. In order to sign up in advance you must pay for the class. You have until 48 hours prior to the class or workshop to cancel without penalty. Please take a moment to read our policies on cancellations and lateness below.
  • Lateness
    Classes start and end at the times listed on the schedule. Please be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes early so that you are in the studio and ready to practice at the class start time. If you are more than 5 minutes late for a class or 15 minutes late to a workshop, you will not be permitted to take the class. If you had reserved in advance, you will be treated as a “no show” and charged in full for the class. If you have reserved online but are not present promptly at the time the class is scheduled to start, your spot will be released to someone else. It is particularly important to arrive 10 minutes early for our weekend classes as those are the ones that are busiest.
  • Cancellation for Regular Classes
    You have up until 1 hour prior to your reserved class to cancel without penalty. If you cancel after that you will be charged in full for the class.
  • Cancellation for Workshops
    You have up until 48 hours prior to the scheduled workshop to cancel without penalty. If you cancel after that, you will be charged in full for the workshop.
  • No Shows
    If you do not cancel in advance and do not show up for your reservation, you will be charged in full for the class.
  • Sharing Class Cards
    We allow clients to share our 30 Class Cards with one pre-selected person. 5 Class Cards, 10 Class Cards, and any other memberships or passes may not be shared.
  • Donation Classes
    All donations classes are CASH ONLY and are set at a suggestion of $10.
Some classes at the Harlem studio are heated. For those classes, the room will be kept at a warm temperature of 80 degrees, well below the temperature of a hot yoga studio. Any heated classes are marked with a “warm” in the class title.
Our Inwood studio is not heated.
There are shower facilities at the Harlem studio. Shower towels can be rented for $2. Unlimited memberships ($120/month) includes towel rental.
The Inwood studio does not have shower facilities.

You are welcome to rent a mat at either studio location for $1. All memberships (unlimited and 8x/month) include a free mat rental.

Bread and Yoga is pleased to offer a variety of class styles with experienced teachers from a variety of backgrounds from Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar and more. All of our teachers are unique in their approach to the practice and would love to have you in class. Head to our Class Descriptions page for a detailed explanation from each teacher on what to expect in their class.

During your Intro Special try and experience the classes of as many different teachers as possible. That way, you can see whose teaching style best suits your practice. A lot of our students discover that practicing a couple of different styles can bring a lot of balance to the practice. There is always something to be learned. Prefer a private lesson first? No problem! Visit our Private Sessions page to schedule one today!

Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move and stretch easily. Stay away from anything too baggy or heavy. Shoes and socks are not worn in class.

Mats can be rented or purchased at the studio or brought from home. If you have any valuables please bring them with you to the practice room and store them at the back of the room. Make sure that your phone is completely OFF.

As with any moderate physical activity, it’s best to fuel up in advance. Try not to eat two or three hours before class, but certainly have something to eat before class if you’re hungry. As you progress with your practice you will learn what is best for your body.

Anyone may take a class for the drop-in rate of $20. We also offer several donation classes every week where you can drop in for a suggested donation of $10 cash. If you are taking classes regularly, or if you are ready to make a serious dedication to your practice, memberships are a the option and a great deal. Please inquire at the front desk, or at and we will work with you to find what best suits your practice. Visit our rates page for more information.

All are welcome to practice! Tweens/Teens between the ages of 12-18 are welcome in our adult classes. They receive a 15% discount and must have a signed parent/guardian release waiver on file to take class unaccompanied. If you would like to bring your child age 12-18 to practice in the same class with you, you would pay for the regular class rate and your child will receive a 50% discount. If your child is younger than 12, please check out our After School yoga class.

A class package allows you to attend a fixed number of classes within a specific time-frame. When purchasing a class package, note that all levels have a specific expiration date. Memberships allow you to take unlimited classes and you are charged a discounted rate for unlimited classes on a monthly basis. For those planning to take 3 or more classes per week, memberships are recommended. Visit our Rates page for a complete list of options.

Gift Certificates can be purchased in any denomination. You can purchase them online, over the phone or in person.


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