Class Descriptions

“Hathavidya” comes from the beginning of The Hatha Yoga Pradipika and means the knowledge of hatha yoga.  Hatha yoga techniques are used to create higher states of physical and mental health as tools to develop clarity, awareness and Self-knowledge.

Lisa teaches from the Hatha philosophy, creating each class on a theme, and incorporating pranayama, mantra and meditation.  Strong attention is given to alignment.  Bear, a small hypoallergenic therapy dog, is generally in the room when she teaches.  She is greatly honored to be able to share the transformations that yoga brings, to coach individuals towards their vibrancy, to teach and to continue to learn.

With a deep passion for metaphors and expressing them physically through movement, a vinyasa class with Tanya is a creative flow linking collective intention, breath awareness and vigorous asana. With an emphasis on sequencing and alignment, every person is encouraged to honor what serves their body at that moment with plenty of options for modifications. This class is for those looking to not only challenge their physical practice, but to explore the energetic subtleties of yoga.

Shawna encourages creative, playful exploration to find your body’s fullest expression in each pose and your heart’s fullest offering of Light in every movement. She brings a sense of welcome to the table; excitement and enthusiasm for your transformation; and a sense of connection towards authentic living and remembrance of Spirit. Drawing upon Hatha, Vinyasa, and Prana Yoga styles, Shawna invites openness to ask questions and openness to create dialogue around deeper awareness. She speaks to the structure of each pose and transition with focus on the balance between anatomical alignment and the beauty of the body’s innate wisdom! At times, Shawna will incorporate mudra, mantra, pranayama, philosophy, and will always offer a sacred space in which to explore all things revealed and created in the practice. Whether you are new to Yoga‚ a returning practitioner‚ or seasoned yogi‚ there will always be something for you in Shawna’s classes.

The practice of Hatha yoga asks that we slow ourselves; slow our bodies, our brains, our emotional centers. In Hatha, we use our practice to unearth a deeper truth, pierce through the surface, and become acquainted with who we are without distraction. Hatha yoga asks that we step toward sensation and sit right in the center of an internal storm that we ourselves cultivate. As we move through class together, we will learn to confront strong physical sensations (and the thoughts and feelings they inspire) and to divorce ourselves from old, unhelpful narratives. Smooth, deliberate, and slow postures will help us build a class that offers up challenges useful both on and off the mat. We will learn to play detective with our bodies and brains, seeking to collection the information sourced from our physical practice. Fellow yogis can expect to unleash their curiosity for their practice at any level, expand upon their compassion for themselves and others, and cultivate a sense of constance through breath work and guided meditation. Focused yet fun, piercing and playful, challenging and changing, Hatha yoga will help students create a solid foundation upon which they can watch their practice flourish.

Based in traditional hatha yoga teachings, this class is taught in a flow style on a weekly theme incorporating the use of asana and pranayama. A challenging class, but not fast moving, giving each student a chance to breathe into each pose and discover what’s there. There is a strong focus on alignment and connection to the breath and the class is geared towards the level of students in the room. Beginners and all levels welcome.

Yin yoga is a slow, gentle practice designed to create deep release in the connective tissues of the body. Asana (poses) are generally held for 3-5 minutes with props as needed, and practiced close to the floor; either seated or lying down. Through this quiet practice, we create space to watch the breath and ease into simple meditation. In addition to being nourishing for the body, yin yoga calms the mind. In this class we’ll take time to slow down, breathe, and soften. You’ll be supported and guided throughout the class. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, all can benefit from the stillness deep stretch. All levels are welcome.

This class is a beginner level/basics class. We’ll move slowly and with intention through specific postures, exploring how to work different parts of our bodies to approach and move deeper into particular yoga asana. This class is great for students just starting out as well as students looking to get back into the beginner mindset, and refine their practice.

Yinyasa is a blend of grounded, passive stretching (yin yoga) and vinyasa flow (yang yoga). This 90 minute class will begin with grounded and easeful release into yin postures, setting up the mind and body for contemplation and intentional movement. The flow portion of the practice will continue to move the body through release of tension using strengthening and expansion. This balanced practice is a chance to reset the body and mind and set intention for the week ahead.
This class is open to students at all levels of practice.

This class is taught with a focus on alignment and breath, with the foundation in a traditional Hatha practice combined with with a mindful flow. Each class has a spiritual or emotional theme to help deepen the connection between body, mind and spirit. And to inspire bringing the practice off the mat and in to our daily lives.

Carolina’s classes are Open level where both beginners and seasoned students are welcome! Modifications will always be offered.

Iyengar Yoga is HATHA Yoga in the method of Yoga Master, B.K.S. Iyengar. This method focuses on precise alignment and the skillful use of props (belts, blocks, blankets, chairs) enabling students to cultivate strength, flexibility, stability, and awareness, and can be therapeutic for specific conditions. This step-by-step, systematized method allows the classical asana (and thus it’s benefits) to become accessible to ALL regardless of flexibility, fitness level, age, or body type. Working from the outside in, the mind can become quiet and the student can experience what B.K.S. Iyengar describes as “Meditation in Action.”As per Iyengar tradition, classes follow a monthly cycle with emphasis on standing poses the first week, forward extensions and twists the second week, backward extensions the third week and restoratives and pranayama the 4th week. This is a great class if you are a beginner or if you are a seasoned practitioner ready to delve deeper into alignment.

Nancy has a love and enthusiasm for the practice of Yoga and the Iyengar method. She welcomes all levels to this class for all can benefit! You can expect to explore Sanskrit Chanting and Yoga Philosophy along with a Sequence of Yoga Asanas. Students learn how one pose leads to the next; sequential learning with emphasis on precise alignment, the Iyengar way.

In Anthony’s class you’ll discover how much your body and mind love stillness… and how much they love to move! Beginning with a calm mind, a quiet body and deep attention to breath you’ll emerge, step by step, into a dynamic Hatha Vinyasa flow. Engendering vitality through the nuances and beauty of the practice, you’ll develop strength, flexibility and balance. This is a mixed level class so be ready to challenge yourself or, as you honor your body’s needs, take advantage of optional poses which might feel more appropriate.

Michelle offers a vinyasa flow style class that explores moving with the breath through lighthearted and playful sequences. Though geared more towards an advanced beginner or intermediate practitioner, modifications will be offered to encourage everyone to explore their own unique practice. A weekly theme is suggested in order to focus the class as we move towards a peak pose. Michelle intends to create a judgment free space in order for others to celebrate their true authentic selves, with the glorious understanding that yoga is for every body.

Classes with Tom are oriented around the aspirations and limitations of the students in the room. Requests are welcomed. Each class starts with student softening with the exhale into the floor. From there the focus is on cultivating and maintaining a smooth, even breath. As we warm up, we alternate between natural, fluid movements, and more structured, rhythmic forms and movements. When moving with the breath, the breath wraps around the movement. When we rest in child’s pose, we let go of the breath and simply observe it. It’s like little doses of meditation punctuated throughout the class. Also, there is great attention to alignment and especially to staying within one’s own practice. The student always has choices and options, from how long to stay in a pose, what variation of it is right for right now, to the degree of intensity or comfort one chooses.
The overall objective is to accommodate and challenge a whole spectrum of yoga students.

Halima’s classes offer the opportunity to decompress and strengthen your body, mind and spirit in a mindful practice! For this class, you should have an understanding of the basic poses and transitional movements of a Vinyasa class (down dog, plank, chaturanga, cobra/upward dog). Modifications and props are offered. Expect straight forward yet challenging sequences, subtle alignment of basic poses, and an introduction to the more profound aspects of yoga in a light-hearted and welcoming environment. All bodies and laughter welcome!

Catered to all levels of yoga experience, Paula offers this early morning Vinyasa Flow class that allows you to slowly but surely wake up your body and get you ready for the rest of the day. Asana are sequenced in an intelligent, mindful way along with your breath in order to warm up your limbs, leading to opening your shoulders and hips, realigning your spine and reinvigorating your whole body. The room is set to warm up at a comfortable 75-85*, assisting your body to open up in a safe way.

Paula invites you to explore how your breath truly moves with your body in this vigorous Vinyasa Flow class. You are able to shift through poses in an intelligent sequence, focusing on your body’s alignment and linking increasingly challenging asana with the ebb and flow of your breath. Although more strength and experience demanding, this class offers to find the space for you to take care of yourself where pose modifications are encouraged if needed, in order to accommodate your body’s needs right here, right now. The room is set to warm up at a comfortable 75-85*, assisting your body to open up in a safe way.

Yoga has the ability to help us remember who we are.  In April’s class, you can expect a moderately paced physical practice that builds strength through longer holds and balance through therapeutic movement practices, pranayama techniques designed to maintain and manipulate the energy behind the human experience, and to cultivate mental steadiness through meditation.  She weaves philosophy, myth, and humor throughout class and hopes you leave feeling wholly your Self.

Molly’s vinyasa draws from a theme which will be embodied and explored collectively throughout the class while simultaneously offering space to tap into your own experience and intuition.  A class which encourages you to explore the edges of your capacity.  Molly’s style of teaching focuses on mindful movement and body awareness.

This class is an opportunity to connect with the sacred space of morning when the body and mind are new again. Offering a practice which will encourage balance as you move into your day by working with awakening and grounding poses and practices. Molly’s style of teaching focuses on mindful movement and body awareness.

Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga

Carolina’s class gives women an opportunity to connect with their changing bodies and growing babies. The class offers a supportive community, each class starting with a conversation where we get to share and connect around topics related to pregnancy.  We practice asanas (poses) and exercises that are tailored for pregnancy such as hip opening and strengthening, release for shoulders and poses that prepares for labor. We incorporate breathing techniques and meditations for release of physical and emotional tension, to find our inner strength and intuitive wisdom. These techniques can help both to prepare for and during childbirth.

This class is open for both expectant moms and new moms. Moms are welcome after they have had their GP´s approval to start exercising. Babies are welcome! The practice will be adapted to the need of the student with poses and exercises for both pregnancy and postpartum. The class offers a supportive community, each class starting with a conversation where we get to share and connect around topics related to pregnancy, birth and parenting. The combination of a pre- and postnatal yoga class provides the opportunity to be in a supportive community during your pregnancy and as a new mom.

For the prenatal students the class offers a space to connect with their changing body and growing baby. We practice poses and exercises that are tailored for pregnancy such as hip opening and strengthening, release for shoulders and poses that prepares for birth. We incorporate breathing techniques and meditations for release of physical and emotional tension, to find our inner strength and intuitive wisdom. These techniques can help both to prepare for and during childbirth.

This gentle flowing class incorporates sequencing focused on hips and heart opening. It is an opportunity to stretch and strengthen your body through postures, pelvic floor exercises, breath work, meditation, vocal release, and other tools. These can all be used to assist with preparation for labor and delivery. Together, we will support you in the development of your confidence and trust in self. My intention is to hold space and uplift women in all stages of pregnancy with compassion and community. In every class we will cultivate ways to channel your innate wisdom, divine strength, and connection to your baby. No previous yoga experience necessary! (As long as your provider has given you the approval to practice).


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