Yoga is a Tool

Posted December 27, 2017


by Ethan Lewis Casey III

In the process of living my life I have learned many different ways, mostly through trial and error and/or through the words and actions of others.  Many of these lessons were learned easily, others not so much.  What I have learned about myself was that there are certain cues I want to pay attention to more in myself so that I may live a more peaceful and enjoyable life.  I believe that I can use yoga to help me reach this goal and this is why I am in training.

Yoga is a tool, and like any tool, it can be used to assist with certain situations, and sometimes, can even be used to solve certain problems.  Unfortunately yoga is not a solution to all problems in life.  I have to admit I was pretty disappointed and enlightened by this fact through one of my teachers.

Before I decided I wanted to enter into yoga teacher training I spent some time thinking to myself why it would be a good idea.  I had been taking asana and dhyana classes on and off for the past few years.
What I already knew was:

·        yoga was therapeutic for my body, mind and soul even though I didn’t completely understand why

·        yoga helped me feel better more times than not and I was ok with that

·        there was a lot I didn’t understand about yoga and that I wanted to learn more

·        I want to become a lifelong student of yoga, integrate the practice into my life, and perhaps teach

I learned that there was something special about Bread and Yoga after I went through an Ayurveda whole foods cleanse a couple years ago and I wish that I entered into teacher training then or even sooner. Unfortunately it wasn’t my time and even though it’s kind of annoying to know now how much something could have improved your life then I know I didn’t have the right knowledge and circumstances to push me into taking the leap of faith I needed.

I am glad that I did eventually start my teacher training because my purpose in life has already become clearer to me.  I want to be enlightened as much and as long as possible.  I want to find peace and balance in every action I make and I want to be able to help others do the same.  I want to become comfortable with the fact that it will take a lifetime of practice to achieve these goals and I believe working on this using yoga as the tool that it is will help.

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