Today I Was a Yogi

Posted May 22, 2015

by Lisa Marino


Lately, when someone learns that I am spending eight weekends in a yoga teacher training program, it often sparks a lot of interest.  A typical reaction goes something like, “Wow. That sounds super fun and relaxing. I would love to get away from my kids and just do yoga all weekend.”  I will often just nod and smile in response.

We are a little more than halfway through those eight weekends and it is not easy to have a conversation about what the program is like at this stage.  There is no way to summarize or generalize this experience especially with people outside of the training program and especially right now when we are so in it and it feels so deeply personal and sacred.  I would not describe my TT yoga weekends, (or, the daily practices and the self-study on the week days in between) as “super fun” or “relaxing”.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we laugh, explore and play, which can be fun. And, we have explored meditation practices, such as yoga nidra, which have an element of relaxation to them. But, truthfully, this program requires a lot of hard work and self-examination.  It isn’t always pretty. The word that keeps coming to mind time and time again is transformation.

This morning one of our teachers led us through an asana practice that we, the teacher trainees, had sequenced using the themes of creation, destruction, play and celebration. The peak pose was Natarajasana – Lord of the Dance: A beautiful, complicated, powerful and challenging pose that to me is a perfect metaphor for transformation.

Swami Satchidananda wrote: “If we are true Yogis for just one day, we will be transformed and want more of it.”

I was a Yogi today. I feel myself transforming.  And, yes, I want more of it.


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