To This Land We Came to Tire

Posted April 14, 2015

by Claudia Vargas


I’ve been trying to be guided by an idea that I encountered recently. The idea is to “Learn to love responsibility as an instance of growth.”

Learning is a choice. We can choose the way in which we experience life. We can choose to see responsibility as a load or as a privilege. Work, whether paid or unpaid, dignifies the soul and spirit and makes us well on our mental health.

Nowadays the meaning of fatigue is seen as something negative, something which we should get rid of, not as the privilege of being tired because that means we are delivering the best of us. There’s nothing negative about feeling fatigued because we had a day where we were on, making things happen no matter how big or small. Exercising our freedom to do what we do gladly and happily say we’re exhausted is what I believe to be an approximation towards this idea of loving responsibility as an instance of growth.

To this land we came to tire…


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