To Infinity and Beyond

Posted May 22, 2015

by Johanna Bell

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William Blake says, “If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite.”

Freedom is the space where the vast expanse of unlimited potential resides, where we do not limit our experience of the world to some map that was drawn by someone else. While we need the safety of containers at times to understand and grow into our potential, if we truly seek liberation we must open our hearts and our inner eyes to the boundless space of the unknown and uncharted. Do you remember a time, perhaps as a child, when you could see infinite possibility everywhere?…that space where light was magic and adventures revealed themselves around every corner?…that mindset where you could be a princess or a dragon, or a starship captain…where trees were friends and sometimes great seagoing vessels? While we do need to navigate our world with some sense of practicality, I think we forget the great art of envisioning. We largely think and project within the confines of our societal viewpoint. It has been proven that “reality” is much broader and deeper than we know. The power of the mind to create and shift energy has yet to be fully understood or charted. I’d love to see us all remove the ceiling from our “thinking” so we can collectively dream a new, more peaceful, joyful, and balanced world into being.

Here is an exquisitely simple practice for you to try right now.
Gently touch the indentations on the outside of your eyes with your index (Jupiter) fingers. This point is an acu point known as “the Virgin Eye”. Breath quietly and deeply as you simultaneously focus on the third eye and ask for the innocence of your vision to be returned. Say “my vision is clear and pure and I see into infinity”. If the eyes tear, welcome that. It means the “doors of perception” are being washed clean.

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