The Whole World Reflected

Posted April 29, 2014

Shawna Emerick

This past weekend I co-lead a Sound and Yoga retreat with the phenomenal sound healer, David Ellenbogen. He and I guided and supported our attendees with yoga, sound baths, Thai Yoga, and even a funky jam around multiple candles in a gazebo (we were supposed to have a camp fire with s’mores, but it got rained out)!

We had a blast, needless to say, and lots of healing, breakthroughs, and laughter came! For me, the experience was equally as amazing. Though I was fearful of getting fatigued, I believe now, after the journey, that the Sound helped me too. No, I know it did.

Here is a poem that came from a silent walking meditation during that retreat:


“The whole world reflected”

A drop.
The world was reflected in that drop of rain.

Suspended from a new green bud on the tip of a slender branch, extending from the solid, yet malleable trunk.


The whole world reflected.

Would it fall? Should I blow it away with my warm breath?

How long was I willing to wait.


New connection.

As my finger gingerly approached the world, connection!

Keeping its form, the drop let go.
Attached to my flesh,

Leaving me with only a trace of its essence upon my finger tip.


Bread and Yoga Weekly Blog Series – Each month we feature one of our amazing Bread and Yoga teachers sharing their thoughts or teachings from their class with you and our community. Today’s post is our last from April blogger and Vinyasa teacher Shawna Emerick. Check back this weekend for the first post from May blogger Lisa Benner!



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