The Glass

Posted March 7, 2015

by Shawna Emerick


I have never been one who liked the question, “Do you see the glass half full, or half empty?” Let me explain what happened with this question in my life recently!

I was being coached about my fear of having to “slow down” and “stop” with the pending due date of our first child(May 4th)!  Coaching is so invaluable, as I exchange coaching sessions with one of my peers to this day (even after a few years of taking the Coaching for Transformation professional coaching training), and it always reveals something for me…

You see, to me, the full part of the glass was already there, not much to do with it.  Sure it had substance and could represent “living life to the fullest,” or “drinking from the cup of life,” and taking it all in, etc.

And then, to me, the empty half was the unknown, it could be filled potentially, it was a mystery, and this excited me MORE!

However, the unknown of having a child, stopping teaching yoga with my classes and clients for the summer, my changing body, thinking about the actual birth, and what was I going to do with my life after this child arrived, was not so exciting to me.  It’s hard to say this out loud here, because I feel all mother’s are expected to be TERRIBLY EXCITED during this time in their life; but that comes with a lot of other emotions! Don’t get me wrong, I AM excited, but it is my first pregnancy, so I don’t know what to expect, or how to think/feel about it sometimes.

And then I was asked by my coach, “So, how would you describe your cup now, filling, or empty?” And lighting struck…

What was the cup, itself?!

I was now picturing my glass cup from my kitchen.  I could constantly see it being filled, emptied, filled, emptied.  But, the glass, itself, was constant; a vessel in which ALL could be held.  I had never thought about the actual cup!  Perhaps others have, maybe someone has even written their own blog about it, but to me, this was it, a turning point in my mind.

What did the cup represent?  You can decide for yourself, and if you want to know what I thought, keep reading…

The cup can be many things; God, gratitude, friends, family, your favorite song or poem, an uplifting memory from the past.  The cup is something that, no matter your situation, circumstance, or mood, it is always present to hold you.  To hold, to surround, to uplift, to console, to remind you that something greater is at work here.  That the Universe can be trusted, deeply.  That you are protected and loved unconditionally.

So, yes, I feel more at peace now; and, here is another thing I had written earlier this week (without knowing the glass image was later going to arrive)…

Considering second and third chakras (and don’t worry if you haven’t studied them, check out Anodea Judith if you’re interested):

“I am giving over my second chakra (womb) to an alien element, my baby!  I have to let go.  I must soften, to expand, to give birth, to let this life into the world!  This is a different “strength”, but nonetheless, the same practice (of trusting and letting go), the same self-study.  And, I too must move (second chakra)!!  Not only for health, but to prepare (on so many levels) and to continue to shift with the world, with my life, and with others.

This is where courage (third chakra) raises its fist that suddenly opens to throw confetti down upon us in multicolors of grace and glory and struggle and learning and love! Supporting us to move once more, or to carry us to our next station.”


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