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The Art of Teaching


One Weekend Per Month

Program will meet the first weekend of every month plus every Monday evening:

Saturdays: 8am-5pm (1x month)
Sundays: 8am-5pm (1x month)
Mondays: 7:30-9:30pm (every week)

This program is a real life enhancement, supporting you as you unite more closely with your own way in 200 hours. Designed for those who want to become teachers as well as those who are seeking to deepen their practice, the program ensures participants an authentic, innovative and traditional study experience. Although you will learn from the viewpoint of multiple teaching styles, you will come out with your own way.

How each individual moves about in this life in terms of spirituality, non-violence towards others and the self, purity of the body and thoughts, and stillness of the mind is all yoga. One thing traditional yoga has to offer to modern yoga is more of a living experience that can translate through teaching.  This program honors teaching (as well as practicing) as an art form and gives participants the tools to intuitively assess energetics through asana and lifestyle.  Because a dynamic and informed personal practice is the cornerstone of effective teaching, participants will build a customized, well-rounded personal practice. There is a lot to be unraveled within the self during these studies. Through the 200 hour format, space and support are provided for this unraveling to happen organically. The approach here is of an educated person bringing the application of the serious, determined and disciplined student back into the yoga community honoring those who have progressed in all practices of yoga before.

This program will provide intensive instruction in asana (physical posture), pranayama (breath control), mantra (sacred sounds) and meditation practices. The core curriculum will be supplemented by clinics in anatomy, physical adjustments, use of props, ethical precepts, and teaching methodology. You will also be introduced to yogic philosophies, Sanskrit pronunciation, the subtle body and the chakra system, bandhas (energetic locks), mudras (hand gestures), and other topics designed to deepen your personal practice and build confidence in teaching.

What a Grad Can Expect
  • Craft a personal practice
  • Feel comfortable teaching with a solid grasp of the fundamental yoga postures
  • Design fun and effective sequences
  • Understand how anatomy and physiology relate to yoga practice
  • Look at and understand students’ bodies on a physical and an energetic level
  • Enjoy a basic understanding of the art of meditation and science of pranayama
  • Draw from basic knowledge of the subtle body, mantra and yoga philosophy
  • Through our experience-based approach, students will also experience first-hand the transformative physical, mental, and spiritual effects of an intelligent yoga practice.  Sessions will be a combination of in-person and live virtual meetings.

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Note: TBD Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

All prices include a $750 non-refundable deposit required upon registration. Full tuition must be paid before the beginning of the program. Applications for payment plans are accepted. Details are determined on an individual basis.

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