Teacher of the month: Katrina Kiklowicz

Posted January 15, 2019


Katrina Kiklowicz is our January Teacher of the Month! You can find her on Monday and Friday evenings at our Inwood location teaching Gentle Restorative and Sunday mornings teaching Hatha Flow in the Bronx.

A little bit about Katrina:
Katrina is a nurturer by nature. After spending many years raising children and other creatures, making homes, and sharing the love of dance with students of all ages, teaching yoga seemed like a natural next step in the progression. She has a deep love of giving her students a safe space to explore and find their truths, through surrender and discovering strengths, and through fearless expression, vulnerability and adventure.

Katrina is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher and is currently completing her 500 hour certification, both with Will Duprey, Lisa Benner and Hathavidya.

Hello Katrina! Tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi! I always struggle with this question and categories and restrictions, because the “who i am” shifts on a daily basis…sometimes hourly! I am a mother to three amazing adult humans and five amazing fur babies…I am a nurturer, a teacher, a spirit, a yogi, earth mama, animal lover…I’m a homebody, and I love cooking & gardening and making home. I’m also a little obsessed with arranging, organizing, and making lists haha!

How did you find yoga?

When I first moved to New York, I was looking for both community and activity. I thought yoga would be a cool thing to try.

How did you come to Bread and Yoga?

First I found Bread and Yoga’s park classes. I loved the sense of peace it brought to me. I was working in luxury real estate at the time, and it was a beautiful counter. Then I went to a class while we were still in the church, and the person behind the “desk” (I think it was Meghan!) convinced me to do a new student special instead of a single class, and that was it. I was hooked. My first park class was with Joseph, and my first studio classes were with Shawna and Ola. 🙂

You were a dancer before right? Tell me a bit about that!

Yep. I was primarily a teacher and choreographer, but also performed a bit. I love creating and building something from almost nothing, from a tiny seed in my brain. I love helping people experience their emotions and have cathartic experience. Choreography is a great way to do that.

What made you want to teach yoga?

When I first thought about doing teacher training, I wasn’t sure I wanted to teach. I was a bit burnt out from the dance world and life, and Yoga was a place I came to not be in charge. But then I started to connect the things I loved about teaching dance to teaching yoga. The best teachers don’t give you the answers. They help you find your own. I love helping people find their answers and their truths, and learn to be ok with them. I love helping people find the stillness in themselves. In stillness, growth happens. Truth happens. And that’s where the real work begins. Some time ago, someone told me that they liked that they could just be quiet with me. I love that. I love giving people the comfort and space to be quiet and to grow from that stillness. Helping them find peace and contentment in themselves.

How do you stay balanced and joyful living in a place like NYC?

I’m generally a pretty happy and joyful person to begin with. My Dad is a pretty happy-go-lucky guy, so maybe it’s a bit genetic, haha! But specific to NYC challenges, meditation on commutes DEFINITELY helps. Coming home to my pups & kitties definitely helps. And knowing when to get the heck out of the city, because I’m getting cranky from being around too many people and need to get back in touch with the Earth definitely helps!

What is your favorite pose or posture?

Anything inversion. I love being upside down & shifting perspective.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned since becoming a teacher?

That sometimes the best and most meaningful things happen when you let the plans and the roadmap fade away.

“She is a firm believer that true learning begins when we uncover and accept how much we have yet to learn.” I found that line in your bio and love it. Can you expand on this idea?

We’re all on a path. It’s ever moving, ever evolving. I feel like the more I learn and the deeper I go, the more possibility I see. That’s exciting. That’s eternity.

Thanks, Katrina — you’re amazing! 


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