5 Ideas to Help You Wear Your Big(ger) Baby in a Carrier

by Caprice Corona, Babywearing Consultant and Advocate Congratulations! You’ve made it out of the newborn phase with your baby, so the heady, hazy, sleepless days of newborn caretaking are gone… … only to be replaced by…well…the heady, hazy, sleepless days of caring for a teething baby (or a newly cruising/walking […]


Preparing for Birth

by Alicia Suarez Since I can remember, I have always been interested in working with women. This passion of mine has led me through numerous paths in life, among them: dance, yoga, anatomy, embryology and, for the last year-and-a-half, birth work. This past September, I celebrated the anniversary of my […]


Ketchup with Your Self Care

by Edya Kalev, Advanced MELT Instructor You open the bottle, and turn it over. Nothing. Not a drop of ketchup makes it way onto your eagerly awaiting fries. So you screw the cap back on, and shake it. Now the ketchup flows freely down the neck of the bottle, adding […]


March Sewing Classes & Workshops

We have great beginner level sewing classes coming up all month long! Whether your just starting out, getting back into it, or have a little experience- we have a class for you! Join Suzanne Beaubien for one of our single day workshops or a full series. Email with any […]


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