Separate to Connect: A Ritual to Start and End Your Yoga Practice

by Joanna Nobbe I begin and end every personal yoga practice and every class I teach with a ritual. If you’ve taken my class, you will recognize it: we begin sitting, hands together in front of the heart. First, we bow to ourselves. Then we bow to the space in […]


How To Be a Yoga Class Rebel

by Joanna Nobbe I have always been a rule follower and a teacher pleaser. When I began taking yoga class 14 years ago, I tried really hard to perfect the hardest poses, as if the instructor were giving scores for my poses or my yoga-ness. I think I hoped that […]


Awareness Sucks

by Joanna Nobbe Sometimes I really don’t want to look at my checking account balance. I’d just rather not know. Sometimes I hate looking in the mirror. I don’t want to be reminded that I’m getting lines around my eyes and that some of my hair is starting to gray. […]


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