Student of the Month: Delia Veve

Posted July 15, 2020

We love celebrating our students, especially nowadays — it’s more important than ever that we celebrate each other and stay connected. This month we’re honoring our amazing student, Delia Veve. Keep reading for our interview!

Hi there, Delia — tell me a bit about yourself!

I am a high school principal at Urban Assembly Media High School.

Amazing — What brought you to yoga?

After I had my second child I needed to find a new way to exercise and a way to carve out some time for myself.  I tried out some yoga classes with a friend of mine.  She stopped going and I was hooked.  I had never been an organized or group exercise person, preferring instead solitary runs, but having a scheduled time for a class helped me to find the time to exercise with two young children and working full time.  The added bonus was that I found that yoga helped me focus on the rest of my life as well.

What about Bread and Yoga?

I used to practice at a studio near my school, when they closed about a year and a half ago I joined Bread and Yoga and haven’t looked back. I love having somewhere in the neighborhood and I appreciate the kindness of the community.

How would you say yoga has impacted your life, physically and mentally?

On a physical level I have never been stronger.  I never had any upper body strength before yoga.  More importantly yoga has helped me to give up some of my perfectionism in both my personal and professional life.  The practice of getting on the mat and meeting myself where I am has allowed me to do the same across my life.

That’s so incredible, taking lessons from the mat into real life. How would you say this practice has impacted you through the pandemic?

I was very hesitant to do zoom yoga!  One of the things I love about yoga class is taking time out of my day and being somewhere else.  I didn’t know if I could recreate that virtually but my need for routine won out and I am glad it did.  I found that I don’t have to be in the studio to get the benefits of a class.  I must say, I think the teachers have done an exceptional job transitioning to online instruction.

So glad to hear you say that — I’m glad it’s been a helpful part of your life during this time. Do you have any other practices that have helped you through this time?

It has definitely been about structure and routine.  Some of the routines, like yoga, are ones that had pre-pandemic. Others have been ones that have developed during this pandemic: daily walks with my family and nightly “family movies.”

What is your favorite yoga pose?

That changes all the time, it is usually one that I feel like I am making progress on.  Surprisingly, at home, I have been making progress on eka pada koudinyasana II.  Maybe the privacy of my living room frees me in some way.

Very likely! 🙂 Anything else you want to say about coping and working through the pandemic, yoga, or otherwise?

Much like my yoga practice, I am taking it day by day.

Well, said. Delia, thank you for sharing and for being a part of our community!


Bread and Yoga
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