Spring Bloom

Posted May 5, 2015

by Johanna Bell

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“If you’ve never been thrilled to the very edges of your soul by a flower in spring bloom, maybe your soul has never been in bloom.” ~Terri Guillemets

May Flowers.  They are here! Oh, they are here and such happy tidings after what seemed such a long and trying winter.  Just today, I emerged from the close energy of the subway and walked into the warmth of early evening sun and the soft breeze passed through me with the scent of so many blossoms, bulb and root and tree.  Looking up, a cascade of cherry blossoms appeared shimmering against a backdrop of blue sky.   It seems so cliché, but I am deeply affected by the presence of this new life in spring.  The metaphor sings to somewhere deeper than my bones…that now is the time to rise from the interior space and blossom…that this is a fertile time for planting new ideas…that now we must turn our faces to the sun (as our flower fellows do) to drink in the power of light and forward momentum.  What did you put to rest in the dark space of winter? And what seed ideas have you been slowly cultivating with your steady patience?  What flashes of light and blazes of color have awakened your inspiration and reminded you of your creative potential? It seems the whole of the landscape in her divine Mother form is whispering to us now, “Grow, Grow, Grow!!!” Shall we listen to her? Shall we dive headlong into her energetic and loving embrace as we pursue our most vibrant expression of who we truly are?

I say YES.

Here is a potent and simple mantra to cultivate the power of our creative energy. It works with the seed creative sound of Har in it’s various forms.

Har Haray Hari, Wahe Guru.

11 minutes of this mantra for 40 days will surely shift your vibration.

“Haray represents the flow of the Creative Force.  Hari represents the manifestation of the Creative Force.  Waheguru is an expression of joy and wonder at the beauty of this process.   It’s like saying “Idea, Flow, Here is it, Wow!” and translates to “All aspects of the Creator are Bliss.” (This beautiful description by Ramdesh Kaur)

Click here to hear the mantra!

Blessings to the great Mother Nature for her stunning and palpable inspiration and a million blessings to all you mothers out there who love unconditionally and support your children (of body and or heart ) with every fiber of your being.

Much Love.

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