September Student of the Month: Dawn Jones

Posted September 19, 2019

We love celebrating our students! This month we’re featuring our first Harlem location student, Dawn Jones. Check out her feature below!

Q: Hi Dawn! Tell me a bit about yourself and how you came to yoga.

A: I am DawnD Jones. I came to yoga, because I’ve always wanted to try yoga for my peace of mind. I got way more than I bargained for! I’ve noticed physical changes and it makes me feel like I’ve gotten a full body massage. It totally relaxes my body and mind. I leave practice feeling really good!

Q: What do you do in the city and how does yoga impact your work?

A: I’m 53 year old Registered Nurse. Yoga keeps me limber. I had a fall that kept me from working for three weeks. All the doctors along the way (ER, PT, Ortho, etc.) asked how I keep in such great shape. I told them: yoga. They ALL told me it’s the greatest thing I can do for myself and to keep doing it!

Q: That’s awesome, haha. What’s your favorite pose?

A: I have two favorite poses. Triangle pose, because it’s the first pose I felt really comfortable doing. And crow was my first difficult pose I could finally do, after much practice and coaching from all the instructors. I love how all the instructors give helpful hints and eventually, like magic, the pose happens. I still can’t figure out how to do wheel pose, but it will happen. My fingers, after 4 years,  are finally just touching in vine pose.

Q: How do you like living in New York City and how do you maintain balance and joy?

A: I came to New York from Pennsylvania in 1990 to finish my education and stayed because I love the diversity. I can’t imagine living anywhere else. You know how you keep balance and joy in NYC? Try all the diversity NYC has to give. I work all over the city. I LOVE popping up out of the subway where they don’t speak English and make authentic food and drink from another country. I LOVE IT ALL! I love that if you drive and hours or two in any direction, you get a different landscape. You get beach, farms and the biggest city in the world all wrapped up in one. Pennsylvania is land locked. In NYC I can take my nieces and nephews to the beach 2-3 times a week! I try to see it all and do it all!

That’s absolutely beautiful, Dawn. Thank you for sharing a bit of your story with us!


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