Self Practice

Posted September 26, 2013

Welcome (back) to the Bread and Yoga blog! Each month we’ll be highlighting different topics and featuring various members of the Bread and Yoga Family.

Since our new studio is still under construction, we decided to make our first series about Self Practice, or Home Practice. Each week you’ll hear from a different teacher about different aspects of self practice and be inspired to start your own!

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Self Practice- No. 1

by Lisa Benner
September 26, 2013


SELF PRACTICE. For many people the idea is daunting, and we tend to dismiss it as something for the advanced practitioner, maybe even only for teachers. In truth, it can be simple and become essential.

Don’t get me wrong, I love community — especially this one. And there is something both magical and powerful about gathering in a room of like-minded spirits to practice and explore together. Such a blessing! Yet I have come to learn that there are few things as precious as my Sadhana.

Sadhana is one’s own personal practice. The word itself can be translated as “song of the self”: what is it that makes you feel vibrantly alive? How do you become your most potent self? This is not an intellectual exercise. Play. Explore. Discover what nourishes you and do that.

In the beginning, keep it simple.

Sadhana may or may not be focused on physical, asana practice. The key is to find what resonates with you, so you might find that you incorporate more pranayama, mantra or meditation than asana. In the beginning, keep it simple. It is more important that it be something doable for you, every day. If you make it too long or complicated, it will be easier to set aside. Like a seed planted in the earth, start small and with what serves you, and then let it grow naturally. Seek routine — it will help you find consistency. It is best to include it in your morning ritual of getting ready for your day, but, depending on your schedule, find what works for you.

And if you have any questions, I am here. I am passionate about this practice — let me know how I can support you! I’ll be thrilled to share! In November, I will be doing a workshop on pranayama which might give you some more ideas. And my teacher, Will Duprey, will also be here in November to take you even deeper. Also, as we reopen the studio, I will be teaching some Hathavidya classes which are born out of this beautiful science. I look forward to us coming together so you can have more to take with you, off the mat, into your life.



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