Self Practice #2

Posted October 7, 2013

While our new studio is still under construction, we are hearing from several different B&Y teachers on Self Practice, or Home Practice. Each week you’ll hear from a different teacher about different aspects of self practice and be inspired to start your own! Click to see previous entries.


Self Practice #2

from Nancy Preston
October 7, 2013

Home Practice.

This is where I discover.
On the mat, every day, alone.
Yoga is experiential and can not be learned through books.
Yoga must be done.

Yoga is not only asana (postures) but also how you live your life (the Yamas and Niyamas and principles of conduct). This is also Home Practice.

I encourage students to start a Home Practice right away.
Make the decision to commit 5 minutes a day, every day.
This is where it starts.
Everyone can do it.
It is helpful to decide on a time and place and stick to it so it becomes part of your routine.

A new student is nervous and unsure but well equipped to practice a pose or 2 every day.
This returning to being inside yourself and thoughtful in movement and breath goes a long way.
5 minutes every day can be more effective than a 90 minute class once a week.
Together they are a dynamic combination towards self- knowledge.
It has been my experience that starting this way those 5 minutes grow into a full Home Practice in time.
It becomes a way of life.

I am still amazed when struck by an “AHA!” moment during Home Practice.
These moments happen when a point that was taught previously (sometimes years ago) suddenly makes sense.
Home Practice makes it possible.

The beauty of yoga is that you can do it anywhere, anytime in some form.
It is always there for you.
Cultivating a Home Practice with this understanding makes it less force and more surrender.
Approach your Home Practice with joy in what you can do.
Surrender to what you are not able to do currently so that the exploration is with love and acceptance.
Never give up and never force but always return to the Practice.



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