Savasana Challenge

Posted January 1, 2019
Take time for rejuvenation this month with the Savasana Challenge


A 10 Minute Savasana Every Day
for 30 Consecutive Days

The savasana challenge is back! To start off 2019, this month we’re challenging you to complete a special kind of yoga challenge: take a 10 minute savasana each day (either at home or in class) and track your progress using our special challenge booklet. Complete 30 consecutive days to receive your reward!

How to Participate

1. Donate

To receive your challenge booklet, visit the studio to donate a minimum of $5 to this year’s challenge charity: Kino Border Initiative (more info below).

2. Start the Challenge!

Start taking a 10 minute savasana each day (either at home or in class) and track your progress using the booklet. In order to be eligible for rewards, you must track your days and write a short note for each day. Stop by the studio to get your challenge and begin by January 15th.

3. Get Rewards!

At the end of 30 days, show us your completed booklet to receive 2 free class passes and be entered into a drawing to receive the grand prize of a month of unlimited yoga or a 10 Class Pass!


A 10 minute Savasana every day for 30 consecutive days

Set a timer for 10 minutes, preferably one with a gentle sound or simply a vibration. Lie on your back in savasana, finding complete relaxation of the body.  If you wish, put a pillow under your knees or your legs up the wall.  Once you find physical relaxation, begin to observe your breathing without changing or analyzing it in any way.  After a few rounds of breath, begin to match a visualization to your breathing.  See a light at your heart center; when you inhale, for as long as you inhale, watch that light travel up to your forehead, arriving at the top of your breath.  As your inhalation becomes your exhalation, the light rests at your brow.  When you exhale, for as long as you exhale, watch the light travel from your forehead back down to your heart arriving at the bottom of your exhalation.  As your exhalation becomes your inhalation, the light rests at your heart.  Allow the visualization to match your breathing rather than manipulating your breathing to match your visualization.  Continue until the timer sounds.  If at any point, you notice your mind has become chatty or wandered, gently and kindly choose to return your attention to the light moving with your breath.



This year each of your donations will support the Kino Border Initiative. They offering humanitarian aid in Nogales in Mexico and Arizona. They work with any migrant man, woman, or child to feed, shelter, and tend to blistered feet and fevers from the journey, in addition to a providing social and legal services. More info can be found here.


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