Personal Practice

Posted June 18, 2015

by Sarah Gosnell


As I near the end of teacher training I am thinking a lot about the development of a personal practice. Doesn’t it sound nice? Personal… for yourself, of ones own, individual. Practice…. repetitive, hopefully constructive, fine tuning, where you are today, no particular end or destination.

No matter how nice that sounds, it is still hard work.

It is not easy to wake up earlier, to create a space without distractions, to focus in on oneself in mediation, breathing and postures. Now I would never call myself a “morning person”, but when I wake up, I do feel eager to immediately engage with the world. I have rested my body and mind during sleep and now my extrovert self is ready to interact. By talking with my husband, reaching out to friends, reading the news or scrolling through Instagram to see what images (mainly from my favorite food focused people around the world) may have been posted.

But during teacher training I have changed all that. I was surprised how hard it was to not instantly immerse myself in the world either through my phone, computer or in person. But from the first day, I have been coming almost straight to my mat. It is a form of self care and exploration that I have slowly come to treasure.

I also had no idea how it would effect my….well, group practice. When I practice with others, I have a new sense of “we are all in this together”. Practicing and learning with the three other women in this training has been something I look forward to and have really come to value. I had no idea how much I would gain from this program. Despite occasional temptations (not getting out of bed), I have created a personal practice I look forward to taking forward with me when this training ends.


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