Posted November 2, 2015

by Marcela Xavier


As we enter the darker days of winter and bright lights of the holidays, this month we will be focusing on “Nourishing the Light Within” and putting some extra attention on SELF CARE.

The holiday season is approaching, and with it comes the usual — lots of parties, plenty of eating, drinking and more time with family and friends. Nothing bad there! But as we all know, the same great things about the holidays can also bring with them some added stresses.

It’s important to set yourself up ahead of time so you can take on those parties and holidays in the best way you can and with minimal effects on your health and general sense of wellbeing.

We have put together a great line up of workshops this month to help you with just that.

We start with the Hathavidya Immersion Weekend (this coming weekend) with Will Duprey. You will be given the chance to deepen your yoga practice, look inside, check in with your heart. If you are just starting your practice, these workshops will give you a solid foundation to work from and the opportunity to learn from a master teacher. You can choose to just join one of the workshops or jump head first and do the whole weekend!

Also this weekend is our Introduction to Ayurveda workshop with Krishna Dholakia. This ancient science, practiced for over 5000 years, keeps with it the intention of bringing mind and body into a state of harmony. This workshop will guide you through the principals of ayurveda and teach you how to incorporate them into your daily living to move with balance through the season ahead.

Next week we come back with our super popular Annual Fall Whole Foods Group Cleanse. The cleanse brings our attention to all our daily habits around food and nourishment… physical and otherwise. It’s a great journey in which you will learn a lot about yourself and have the awesome support of a community of like minded people.

For those of us that know the affects of seasonal affective disorder, or winter blues, or that have just a basic tendency to hibernate through winter, Joseph Glaser’s workshop “Light in Winter” is for you. Introducing you to practices that will support you through the inner and outer darkness that might accompany the cold months.

We close the month right before Thanksgiving with a Restorative Immersion Weekend. This is all about fully nourishing and caring for yourself. You will walk away replenished so you can move forward with awareness and intention, allowing you to show up and be fully present for your community this holiday season.

Our hope is that you will see the effects of this month of self care through the harsh months of winter and beyond.


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