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A note from our founder, Marcela Xavier…

We are always deeply grateful for all of your support, and in the past few months, we are especially grateful for our monthly members. Your memberships have sustained us and have allowed most of our teachers to continue working. We thank you for your unwavering support. With all that in mind, we are now moving towards a SLIDING SCALE MODEL for all our memberships: a tiered membership that takes into account the fact that we are online, that centers those of us that have been financially affected by Covid-19, and that creates opportunity for those not affected to help support the studio, the teachers and fellow practitioners. This is what it looks like to me to be in close relationship with our community and to move towards a practice of COOPERATIVE ECONOMICS. When choosing your tier of membership, we invite you to look at what is possible through a lens of COLLECTIVE CARE in a way that feels authentically generous without causing you hardship. Thank you!



Tier 1



  • UNLIMITED Classes
  • On-Demand Access
  • 10% OFF Workshops
Tier 2



  • UNLIMITED Classes
Tier 3



  • 6 Classes/Month
Tier 4



  • On-Demand Access




*Until further notice: NO CLASS CARDS. Those who already have class cards can continue to use them until they run out.


Learn more about each membership tier…


It’s the best of all worlds. As a Supporter, you have access to UNLIMITED live streamed classes and get 10% off live streamed workshops. And because we appreciate you, we are adding our on-demand library to your membership, which will give you access to a curated selection of specialty videos with many of your beloved teachers, as well as a rotating selection of recordings of our weekly live streamed classes. But most of all, your membership helps us continue to pay our teachers a fair wage, cover operational costs, and is essential to our ability to offer a sliding scale option.


Unlimited live streamed classes a month. With this membership, you continue to sustain your practice live with your teachers. ……


This membership makes it possible for our community members to take any six live streamed classes on our schedule at the donation rate. Times are tough, and we don’t want to make it tougher. Taking a class might be an important part of processing life right now. We get it, and we want you to show up and keep at it.


We know everyone’s schedules have changed a lot, and we might not have the ability to take a full 60 or 90 minutes in the day to practice. But that shouldn’t mean you can’t practice with us. That’s why we are putting together a curated selection of practice videos with our teachers, just for you. Our on-demand feature will give you 30-, 15-, and even 5-minute practices that you can tap into anytime, anywhere. Go in depth about specific postures, do a short chair practice in the middle of your work day, or end your day with a guided mediation…you choose.

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