Moving Forward in Vibrancy

Posted January 3, 2016

by Lisa Benner

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Happy New Year! I am excited and honoured to share some contemplations with you as we head into the new year. I hope this becomes a dialogue. We will be exploring the themes touched on here in my classes this month, and I look forward journeying with you.

As we embark on the new year, I love to revisit a yogic teaching related to the Gayatri Mantra called the Parusharthas, to turn in in order to shine, to ignite, to move forward in vibrancy.

Next week, we will dive into the first Parushartha: Dharma. As a wee tingle of anticipation, I leave you with this poem by Tyler Kent White:

one night
when you were just a star
someone hung every hope
every wish
every dream
they ever had
from your limbs

so if you ever feel inferior
ever start to doubt
your beauty
or brilliance
just remember:

you have constellations
lining the cathedral walls
of your chest, a moon for
a heart, and the sunlight
pouring through your skin

you are a symphony of stardust
and you were born to shine.


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