March Student of the Month: Elizabeth Howng

Posted March 11, 2020

We love celebrating our students! This month we’re featuring our first Harlem location student, Elizabeth Howng. Check out her feature below!

Q: Hi Elizabeth! Tell me a bit about yourself and what you do in the city.

A: By day I work in employee engagement for a Financial Services company, by night I’m an Independent Wine Ambassador for the Boisset Collection.

Q: Oh, wow. And what brought you to yoga?

A: My roommate in college did yoga, then when I first moved to New York a couple of colleagues did yoga. I really got into yoga a few years after that, when I discovered some amazing teachers.

Q: And what about Bread and Yoga specifically?

A: I used to practice at Unity and I am so glad to welcome Bread and Yoga to the neighborhood. It is a wonderful studio and exactly what we want and need!

Q: How would you say yoga has impacted your life, physically and mentally?

A: It has definitely made me stronger in both ways – the ability to focus on what’s important, but also physically to be able to be present in your body is such an amazing thing.

Q: How would you say your practice has evolved over time, from the beginning until now?

A: When I was younger it was about moving faster, feeling the sweat and working out. Now, it’s much more about alignment and mindfulness.

Q: I love that, how beautiful. What is your favorite yoga pose?

A: Isn’t everyone’s favorite pose savasana?

Q: Hahah, you could be right! Does yoga impact your work life at all? How?

A: Yes! Anytime I start feeling stressed, or can’t sleep, I take class or do some restorative poses and BOOM I’m right as rain.

Q: Awesome. I like to ask this of everyone…How do you maintain balance and joy living in NYC?

A: Perspective and gratitude. Think of how lucky you are to be here and to experience all of the things NYC has to offer. The rest is just noise.

Q: Anything else you want to add?

A: I’m a Co-founder of Yoga Wine Party with my partner Dina Ivas yoga teacher extraordinaire.

Q: Oh, wow! That sounds awesome. What are you social handles, so we can find you and stay in touch?

A:, @yogawineparty

Thanks so much, Liz! 


Bread and Yoga
5000 Broadway, Suite A
(Entrance on 212th St.)
New York, NY 10034