March Student of the Month: Caprice Corona

Posted March 28, 2017
Get to know Caprice Corona, our student of the month for March.


Q. How did you get into practicing yoga?

I had had very limited exposure to it, mostly via pre-natal [yoga] DVDs and I was a little bit intimidated by it. I’m not going to lie. It just seemed like something, even on my dvds, there’s always these like super, hyper flexible people and they’re very skinny and young and that’s not me.

We came back to the neighborhood [after two years in Germany] in 2014. It was that fall that I started. My schedule was such that I could come on Monday mornings fairly easily which is when Lisa [Benner] teaches. I must have misread the website because I was thinking it was a class that was good for people who were new to yoga. So I go to the class and I’m like, “Oh, boy. This is for people who are new to yoga?”

But being in that class was the perfect challenge. It drew me in somehow. Lisa was super present with the students and she struck this perfect balance of not being too hands on but being present enough that I didn’t feel like I was being ignored. So that was the first time that I was like, hmmm, ok, I can see why people do this on a regular basis.

So you came back anyway in spite of the challenge?

I came back anyway. Early on in my journey, I also recall attending one of Shawna restorative classes and feeling so open, warm and grounded afterwards. It was a really wonderful feeling that made me want to deepen my commitment to finding my own regular, personal practice.

What do you get out of coming to yoga class?

We homeschool our three kids. My husband and I are both opera singers. He has a second business that he runs from home. We have a lot of really intense home time together. My time alone, mentally, is very limited. I always thought, I don’t really have time to go to yoga. That’s the time that I should be spending singing. But what I began to notice as I came more regularly was that I was more grounded as a person mentally. I had more capability to find focused time for myself or make focused time for myself, whereas I had been struggling with that before.

How many classes do you take a week now?

Five-ish. That’s crazy to say!

The morning classes are really nice. As a homeschooling family we tend to be very late so I don’t feel like I’m taking time away from anybody. [It’s funny because] I hate getting up in the morning. Hate. I had rehearsal until 10 o’clock last night and I’m thinking, I’m not going to get up [for the 6:45 a.m. class]. But then I find myself being like, “Actually, I’m just going to get up and go.” And it’s worth it.

It sounds like you’ve started to crave yoga.

Yes! My husband tells me, “I think you’re a yoga junkie.”

What physical changes have you noticed since you started practicing yoga?

I’ve had kind of an epiphany in my singing with my teacher this year. What I have found is that yoga has really helped me to be in touch with my lower ribs and my pelvic floor. I have three children so I’m obviously familiar with my pelvic floor! But it’s so different after you have [kids]. After my third especially, I had a lot of trouble feeling down in those muscles again and you really need those muscles for singing. It’s gotten me down into my body in a way that I had lost.

I also feel really strong. Sometimes I come back from Tom’s class or Meghan’s class at night and I just walk in and say to my husband, “Do you know what I did tonight?” I’ll tell him whatever posture and I’m just so proud of myself.

I did fall on my face doing crow [pose] one day, but that happens. I had a nice little bruise and I was proud of that too.

What has your experience been of Bread and Yoga?

When we came back [from living in Germany for two years], I remember hugging Marcela and almost crying because I had missed the place so much. We have met so many other families here. It feels like it’s a part of Inwood and it makes me feel super-connected. My husband and I are not originally from New York, so I just feel like this is our community. It feels like a home to us.


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