Family Music with Coyote Pups

Welcome to “Coyote Pups” at Bread and Yoga, presented by veteran artist educator, Hank Coyote Wagner. Hank Coyote is  a professionally trained performer, and 15-year veteran Arts Practitioner in schools, libraries, and pre-schools all over New York.

In this highly entertaining and educational class, music is used as a vehicle for kids to learn about the world around them. Hank’s energetic approach and commitment to engage each and every child in class creates an atmosphere where singing and moving become essential elements of life. Hank’s intention is to help kids and parents embody the music learned in class so it can be easily translated to experiences out in the world.

Music is a powerful teaching and focusing tool for young children, as well as being fun and nearly irresistible. This class is a playful way to help your child develop motor skills, hand/eye coordination, sequencing, memorization, concentration and focus, rhythm, pitch, melody and more… all while singing along and having a great time!

Parents will take home a booklet with all songs learned in class.




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