AfterSchool Winter/Spring 2021

Please read this letter from our founder about our Winter/Spring 2021 Semester! 

Click here to register. Email us at with any questions.

After-School Winter/Spring 2021 Schedule

Starts the week of January 18th and goes to the week of June 7th
No class 1/18, 2/15, 2/17, 3/29, 3/31, 5/31

2:45-3:30pm ONLINE (until March) YOGA (2-5) 

3pm ONLINE (until March) CHANGEMAKERS CLUB (K-2)
4pm ONLINE (until March) YOGA (K-3)


Class Descriptions

Kids yoga can be an excellent tool to help kids connect with their emotions, with body awareness and improved focus…. All while having fun. Each week we will explore a theme for our yoga poses and play fun, mindful games. We will learn breathing exercises and practice mindfulness, meditation and relaxation. All of which is taught in an accessible and fun way. The activities will be done socially distant for our in-person classes and if we have to go online, a few small modifications will be done to fit the virtual space and make sure the class content stays just as engaging and fun. Class will meet at Isham Park in Inwood.

This year, the naturalists are staying outdoors! Our exploration of Inwood Hill Park will continue in a contactless manner. Students will learn concepts of biology and ecology using our local parks as our classroom, allowing them to actively develop a more personal relationship with the scientific processes driving the natural world. We will have individual tools and updated lesson plans to ensure each student can continue to engage in their natural surroundings and share discoveries with one another. We will hold class exclusively outdoors, so make sure to dress appropriately! Naturalists should be dropped-off at Isham Park and class will be dismissed at the Seaman/Isham entrance to Inwood Hill Park. Come adventure with us!

Young changemakers work together to apply critical thinking and creative problem solving skills to real and hypothetical community challenges. Kids are encouraged to see themselves as thinkers and empowered to share their voice. Kids will learn how to think, not what to think, as they develop cooperative learning, reflection & communication skills. The outdoor class will meet at Isham Park in Inwood.



Payments will be done as 3 equal monthly payments for the semester. Once you fill out a registration form you will be directed to our online payment platform (MBO) for the payment of your first monthly installment. Registration is not complete until we receive your first payment. This is not a month-to-month program and by registering you are committing to paying for the full semester. We have organized the payment in installments to make it more accessible to families. 

  • 1 class – $360 (5 payments of $72/month)
  • 2 classes – $720 (5 payments of $144/month)
  • 3 classes – $1,080 (5 payments of $216/month)

SIBLING DISCOUNT: 5% sibling discount. If registering a sibling, please be sure to fill out a registration form for each child and mention the name of sibling. We will apply the discount to the following payments.

Please note we are not offering school pick at this time. 

We understand that many of us are going through financial hardships right now. We have adjusted our after-School prices to reflect the challenges we are all facing due to Covid. We are also offering a limited amount of partial and full scholarships. Email to apply. 

If your family has NOT been financially affected by Covid-19, we ask that you to consider donating to our Reciprocity Fund. Those funds go directly to helping fund other kids participation in our programs. Thank you!



Below you will find some of the plans and safety measures we have in place for this fall. We are closely following DOH guidelines and at times going beyond the recommended guideline to err on the side of safety:

  • Outdoor classes will be held at Isham Park with the exception of Urban Naturalists which will meet at Isham and then walk to Inwood Hill Park. We will be staying OUTSIDE rain or shine for the entirety of the class. Please dress your kids appropriately for the weather. 
  • Staff and participants will be required to wear a face mask and will maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from one another during the program, even outdoors.
  • There will be 2 instructors and a max of 12 kids per activity. Parents and non-essential visitors will not be permitted in the activity space.
  • There will be a designated no-contact area for pick-ups and drop-offs.
  • Participants should use the restroom prior to arrival and wash hands before and after class. Hand sanitizer will be provided on-site.
  • A simple, mandatory health screening assessment will be required for all staff & participants and may be filled out onsite or online prior to arrival each day a child participates in in-person classes.
  • Students will each be supplied their own materials for the program and will not be sharing supplies. Any equipment used by instructors will be discarded or cleaned/disinfected between each activity.
  • Food, games, toys, and other personal items from home will not be permitted, with the exception of personal water bottles. Water will not be provided on site. If needed, please provide your child with a full water bottle.
  • Staff and participants should stay home if they have tested positive for or are showing COVID-19 symptoms. If a child has symptoms of COVID-19 or has a positive diagnostic test, the child must isolate and may not attend the program until: • It has been at least 14 days from symptom onset, with the last three days fever-free (without use of fever-reducing medicine) and an overall reduction in symptoms. • If no symptoms, 14 days from the date they were tested.
  • Staff and participants who have recently had close contact with a person with COVID-19 should also stay home and monitor their health. All close contacts must stay home for 14 days from the last contact with the individual who has COVID-19, including if another person in the household has had symptoms or has tested positive.
  • In-person programs may be temporarily moved to a virtual format due to inclement weather (only if severe) or as Covid-19 guidelines and state mandates change.

We will continue to review guidelines and best practices and will make updates as needed to ensure that we are providing the safest program possible for everyone involved.

Meet the Teachers

Ashley Beam (Changemakers Club)
Ashley Beam (she/her) is a program director with a passion for cultivating creativity, leadership and community engagement with the outdoors.  She has juggled her way across the country, performing for schools in an educational nutrition show, developed leadership and arts programming for NYC based camps, and spent several years as a full-time camp director creating choice-driven experiences that foster curiosity and exploration.  Ashley also volunteers with Inwood Art Works, the NY Parks Department and freelances as an event coordinator.  In her free time,  Ashley enjoys camping under the stars with her family and all things outdoors.  

Ashley’s thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the amazing kids at Bread & Yoga!  She strives to dig deep, keep it fun and celebrate the process as kids find their voice and step outside of the box.


rachael-joakinRachael Joakim: Urban Naturalist Adventures
Rachael Joakim (she/her or they/them) is a doctoral fellow in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at CUNY and the American Museum of Natural History and a 6-year resident of Inwood and the Bread and Yoga community. Her passion for field research began as a child in Cape Cod, MA, and the enthusiasm for science cultivated by her early instructors inspires her to also be a role model for children interested in science. As a microbial ecologist, she is knowledgeable in best-practices for preventing viral spread, which is a particularly useful skill in these times. Aside from her exciting research in the field of microbial communities and malaria in tropical birds, Rachael is also motivated to use her position in the scientific community to inspire the next generation of scientists. Because the science curriculum in our nation’s school system is lacking in the most important skill for a researcher — critical thinking from direct observation — her classes emphasize inquisitive thought through immersion in an urban ecosystem.


carolina-lindoffCarolina Lindoff (Yoga)
Carolina (she/her) has been teaching yoga in our After School program, Too Cool program and Summer Camp for the last couple of years. She loves exploring all aspects of yoga in a playful and engaging way for children. Carolina is certified in Kids Yoga through Yogi Beans and she also leads their Kids Yoga Teacher Trainings. Carolina has a background as a dance teacher with a Masters of Education. She’s also an adult yoga teacher and loves to teach all ages!

Carolina grew up in Sweden and came to New York City to study dance and ended up meeting her husband and has now lived here since 2012. When not teaching she enjoys being in nature, watching her favorite TV shows and spending time with her husband, friends and her cat Leia.



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