Infant Massage is Not a Trend

Posted May 28, 2015

by Sara Kellner-Tsulis


Often, when speaking to expecting or new parents, if I mention that I teach infant massage, I’m met with confusion. “Is that a thing?” Very few people have heard of it. In the deluge of new baby information, massaging your baby is a skill that many American parents are, unfortunately, not made aware of. To help nourish a society that respects the connection which binds us all, however, this must change.

Infant massage is not a trend. It’s not what just the cool parents or the hippie parents do. It’s what every single mother does while her baby is still in utero. For 9 months, the baby is continuously massaged by the warm amniotic fluid and the snug uterine walls.

Once our babies are born, we can continue providing this safe, intimate space for our newborns by carrying them often and engaging in skin-to-skin contact. Infant massage, in addition to providing a tactile connection with their babies, helps parents stay physically connected with their children long after the newborn stage.

In my 90-minute workshops, I teach parents skills that will set the groundwork for a lasting intimacy with their children. Stressed, overtired parents learn to hold space with their babies and nurture their growth with loving touch. They learn strokes to assist with digestion issues and to support their baby as her secondary spinal curves develop. Among other benefits, the intentional touch also helps to strengthen bonds as the caregiver learns baby’s unique cues for fatigue, excitement, irritation, etc.

The intimate connections we establish with our babies as brand new people in this world sets the tone for the adults they will become. The microcosmic encounter of looking into our baby’s eyes as our knowledgeable hands glide over their limbs is the nucleus of creating a loving, respectful society. Come and join an infant massage workshop to learn how.

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