I Love Hot Chai

Posted September 22, 2014

by Natalie Ulrich

Screenshot 2014-09-22 at 9.18.44 PMFall is just around the corner and it is absolutely my favorite season of the year. I love that the leaves turn yellow, red and orange. I love the crisp morning hours, the deep blue skies and that I can snuggle up in my favorite sweater. I love drinking hot chai on my terrace watching the steam rise from my darling Buddha cup.

This morning as I was preparing for my Sunday morning yoga class, a strange thought arose.

What would life be like if nothing would ever change? What if there were no melodies whispering in my ears, no music permeating deeply into my being?

What if there were no colors on earth and all food would taste the same? What if the sun would not be there to lovingly embrace me with her warm touch? What if steam would not evaporate and snow wouldn’t melt and become water? What if rivers would not flow and merge with the oceans. What if wild mushrooms in the forest would not rise from the earth and dissolve into nothingness? What would life be like then? What if everything always stayed the same, just the way we would want things to be? Now that I think of it, the thought of that does not feel satisfying to me at all. However, change can also bring a feeling of disharmony and discomfort into life.

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When Fall arrives, we tend to get unstable, lose the ground from underneath our feet. We tend to overthink things, work too much, become more stressed and our bodies start to feel more dry, brittle and uncomfortable. A feeling of imbalance, anxiety or fearfulness can sneak up and we might not even be aware that it’s there.

It’s funny how fiercely we resist change. How we grab a hold of something we want, pull it really close and never want to let it go. There is, however, nothing we don’t have to let go of sooner or later. And again, nature can be our guide if we watch closely.

Ayurveda an ancient healing system practiced in India for more than 5000 years teaches us how to balance ourselves. It teaches us how to maintain and protect health and youthfulness. Ayurveda uses the 5 elements, Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth to help us stabilize our imbalances.

Today, I would like to share a few simple tips on how to find balance and harmony in your life during this transition into the fall season.

1.) YOGA – add more soothing forward bends and grounding asanas (postures) to your daily yoga practice. Slow down, meditate, ground yourself and practice alternate nostril breathing or maybe take a resorative yoga class

2.) LOVE – Saturate yourself or your loved one with a loving ABHYANGA MASSAGE (ayurvedic oil massage): give yourself a daily self massage with warm sesame oil. This nourishes the body, benefits the skin and pacifies unstable energy in your body and creates stability and warmth.

3.) FOOD – Enjoy more cooked foods like root vegetables, soups and stews. Avoid salads and uncooked foods chips and crackers.

4.) SPICES – add spices like ginger, honey, black pepper and cumin to your diet

5.) SEASONAL – shop at the local farmers market and learn what is in season

6.) CALM – keep yourself calm. Creating more space and giving yourself a little more time to unwind before you go to bed

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And last but not least, find out what you love. Practice presence and go out, have fun, explore the incredible wisdom you can find in nature and love yourself, just the way you are.



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