I am here, at this moment

Posted February 16, 2018

by Caprice Corona


Layers. Peeling back layers. Finding more layers, and peeling those away. Peeking under to find something new…or old. Forgotten pieces of myself that I’d inadvertently tucked away during the journey from full-time singing work to motherhood that I’ve been on for the past 15+ years; a journey that has necessitated a movement outward – a beautiful, life-enriching flowering to be sure, but one that has made it difficult at times to maintain an inward perspective.

For the past two years or so, I have taken baby steps into a practice of yoga, one toe into the water at a time, until last October I took a leap into the 200-hour Teacher Training. I am incredibly grateful for the beautiful community of teachers and students at Bread and Yoga, and for the love and encouragement of my wonderful teachers, Lisa Benner and Meghan Lastra, who gave me the gentle(ish) nudge to just go for it. I couldn’t have imagined I would ever find myself here at this moment, four months into this six month training, having completely (and continually!) surprised myself with the focus and commitment I feel to my (four-month old!) practice of daily chant, meditation, asana, and pranayama practice, surrounded by an inspiring peer group of teacher trainees. I have been peeling back layers upon layers – and gathering up strands I’d forgotten about, or maybe just hadn’t had a chance to notice recently.

I couldn’t have foreseen the transformation I am experiencing, not just in my yoga practice, but in my entire life. The discipline it takes to be the first person up each morning so that I can do my sadhana (a daily practice that consists of mantra, meditation, asana, and pranayama) is inside of me – and it must have been there all along! This realization has acted as a clarifying lens through which I am able to view other facets of my life – namely singing and parenting. Singing, parenting, yoga…my trifecta! Who knew that these three disciplines – and yes, they are, without a doubt, all three disciplines – had so much in common? Who knew that by peeling back my layers, I would find points at which the roots of the strands converge, and where I could begin to more fully understand the value of the experiences and lessons I have lived?

So here I am, happily embracing a new feeling of balance that I cannot recall having felt before. The dance between sthira (steadiness, alertness) and sukha (ease, comfort) is and will always be evolving and changing, but by peeling back the layers and really looking within, I am firmly grounded in the roots of myself.


Welcome to our Teacher Trainee blog. Throughout our 200 Hour Teacher Training session, we’ll feature a blog post written by one of our trainees. To find out more about the Hathavidya teacher training offered at Bread and Yoga, click here.


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