Will Duprey

Posted August 7, 2015

Hathavidya 200HR Teacher Training starts September 18, 2015


B&Y: What will you be teaching in the 200 Hour training?

WD: This teacher training is entitled The Art of Teaching, every student will leave with a foundational practice that is essential for the development of any artist. My teaching will focus, as always, on the development of each individual on their own journey beginning exactly where they are.

B&Y: How would you describe your teaching style?

WD: I have been blessed with amazing teachers who have poured their essence into their teaching while allowing me the gift to sit alongside them. With this traditional methodology of sharing space and absorption from sitting alongside like-minded individuals, it is always the intention to leave students with knowledge steeped in lineage and tradition.

B&Y: How did you first become involved with yoga? How/What/Where was your first class?

WD: Yoga, or at least yogic practices, have always been part of my fiber. I grew up in rural Vermont steeped in Native American practices and learned at a very early age how to listen to the wind, breathe with the mountains and sit with myself.

B&Y: How did you first become involved with Hathavidya?

WD: After practicing and teaching for more than a decade by myself and having the privilege of sitting on staff of dozens of teacher trainings all over the world, it became evident that my students had a very special quality about them… that my students were not just “teaching yoga”but changing the world with their powerful energies. I wanted to build a forum for them to harness that energy together and build a community of support.

B&Y: What’s different about this teacher training from other 200 Hour trainings and why should students choose this particular one?

WD: This teacher training will leave students with a strong foundational practice. It is impossible to graduate from a 200 hour program knowing everything about yoga, but too often we see students leaving 200 hour programs knowing a tiny bit about a lot of different topics related to yoga and therefore having no real expertise in anything and nothing that differentiates them from any other 200 hour TT grad. What this program will do is focus on the self-study of the practitioners insuring each student graduates with a working knowledge and expertise on what yoga really is in their individual selves. Once that foundation has been laid, graduates can really begin teaching from a place of true knowledge, rather than regurgitation. This knowledge is truth, unique to individuals and yields an offering that is truly valuable to the evolution of the yoga community and world.

B&Y: What are you looking forward to most about teaching in this 200 Hour module?

WD: I am looking forward to sitting side by side with the beautiful community at Bread & Yoga and sharing the teachings imparted to me by my teachers.

B&Y: Anything else you’d like to add?

WD: Thank You to Bread & Yoga for welcoming myself and the Hathavidya community with such warm open arms! Having a place like Bread & Yoga to call our NY home is truly special!



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