Nick Demos

Posted August 3, 2015

Hathavidya teacher Nick Demos speaks with us about the 200 hour course returning to Bread and Yoga this April

Nick Demos

nick with CM
B&Y: What will you be teaching in the 200 Hour training?

ND: Whatever Will Duprey tells me I’ll be teaching.. probably some fun stuff.

B&Y: How would you describe your teaching style?

ND: I teach a creative, challenging asana class infused with pranayama and a lot of silliness and stupid humor.

B&Y: How did you first become involved with yoga? How/What/Where was your first class?

ND: I was living in Los Angeles and was a gym bunny at Crunch Gym, lifting a lot of weight. I used to peer into the yoga classes through a glass window outside the studio, all jealous-like, for years. One day, I finally stepped into class and yoga just made sense to me. I also had been a part of the late 80’s/ early 90’s new age spiritual movement and was a former dancer. Yoga just seemed like the perfect union (get it?) of all of that.

B&Y: How did you first become involved with Hathavidya?

ND: I met Will when he taught class at a studio in midtown where I also used to teach. I was in his very first teacher training class in the 500 hr program. In fact I am the very first Hathavidya (then called Will Duprey Yoga) graduate. I’m that old.

B&Y: What’s different about this teacher training from other 200 Hour trainings and why should students choose this particular one?

ND: Because this is the “real deal”. These are the traditional practices taught from experienced practitioners and teachers. And we are fun….at least I am.

B&Y: What are you looking forward to most about teaching in this 200 Hour module?

ND: To spend time with the Bread and Yoga community, and to spread the Hathavidya love. That sounds cult like. It’s not.

B&Y: Anything else you’d like to add?

ND: This is a program that teaches you not only about yoga asana, pranayama and mantra, but to be the fullest embodiment of your truest self. Um…who doesn’t want that?


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