Lisa Benner

Posted August 6, 2015

Hathavidya 200HR Director Lisa Benner speaks with us about the 200 hour course returning to Bread and Yoga this April

Lisa Benner


B&Y: What will you be teaching in the 200 Hour training?

LB: My intention is to support each individual in finding their own path through the practice and their voice as a teacher.

B&Y: How would you describe your teaching style?

LB: As a blend of discipline, joy and the seeking of clarity.

B&Y: How did you first become involved with yoga? How/What/Where was your first class?

LB: My first class was a long time ago in a place far, far away…. Vancouver! My best friend begged me for ages to go to a yoga class with her. I mostly went so she would stop asking.

B&Y: How did you first become involved with Hathavidya?

LB: Will began to teach in the 200hr program at a studio where I taught and had previously studied. As soon as I met him, I knew that he had something I hadn’t encountered in the practice before. Since he had not been there when I did my training, I asked if I could sit in when he taught the next 200hr. Both he and the studio said yes. He kept asking me back and I kept going. Lucky me!

B&Y: What’s different about this teacher training from other 200 Hour trainings and why should students choose this particular one?

LB: I’m not one for comparison, but I can tell you that this is a stellar program, carefully crafted by passionate practitioners of yoga. Our philosophy is the elevation of the individual and from there one’s way in the world and one’s voice as a teacher will be developed.

B&Y: What are you looking forward to most about teaching in this 200 Hour module?

LB: I love this community, and I am super excited to be serving it in another way and with this amazing group of individuals.


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