Joseph Glaser

Posted August 4, 2015

Hathavidya teacher Joseph Glaser speaks with us about the 200 hour course returning to Bread and Yoga this April

Joseph Glaser

B&Y: What will you be teaching in the 200 Hour training?

JG: I will be teaching the Anatomy portion of the training and I’m super excited about it! Western anatomy is an interesting and vastly deep component that is comparatively new to the practice of Yoga. The way I see it is that the techniques of Yoga are so powerful that culturally we are just beginning to understand how useful it can be. This portion of the study allows another avenue in which to understand the physical forms we inhabit as well as how we can use Yoga as a therapeutic treatment.

B&Y: How would you describe your teaching style?

JG: My teaching style is about fostering awareness of the Self through steady conscious movement that is led by the breath. I try to be clear in my presentation of the practice and get straight to the task at hand. I let the techniques speak for themselves.

B&Y: How did you first become involved with yoga? How/What/Where was your first class?

JG: I first became involved in Yoga through a work colleague. I had heard about Yoga before and always wanted to try it so I tagged along. My first class was in My hometown of San Diego CA. I He was a great teacher and I think I still have his DVD. I think it would be cool to go back and practice with him knowing what I know now.

B&Y: How did you first become involved with Hathavidya?

JG: I met Will during my 200 hour RYT program at Sonic Yoga in NYC. When I was looking for something more specific a colleague pointed me towards Will’s 500 hour RYT training a year and a half later.

B&Y: What’s different about this teacher training from other 200 Hour trainings and why should students choose this particular one?

JG: The biggest difference in my eyes is that this program isn’t primarily about learning to teach Yoga. It’s about learning how to make this practice a part of life. It about using these classical techniques to improve your life experience and through this assimilation one is able to teach if one wishes too. This program is focused on cultivating vibrant and informed individuals. It has an authentic approach in that we want to help you on your journey and see where that leads. We will give you many practical tools, but because the primary focus is fostering the individual everyone leaves the program a truer expression of themselves instead of a lesser expression of someone else.

B&Y: What are you looking forward to most about teaching in this 200 Hour module?

JG: I am most looking forward to my personal growth and the growth of all involved. I am interested in contributing good to this planet and helping others do so as well. This program is one way we can do that.

B&Y: Anything else you’d like to add?

JG: This is a very special program. It is very demanding and if your bring your best your life will change. I have no doubt about that. I really look forward to witnessing this journey!


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