Getting Beyond The Ego

Posted January 23, 2015

by Joseph Glaser


If I could afford to dress like a celebrity more people would like me. If my house had all new furniture then I would be content with it. If I could do all the Yoga poses I would feel accomplished and complete.

Our minds are constantly telling us that if we can have more then we will be happier. The part of the mind that is responsible for this is the Ego. The Ego wants more than anything for us to believe that it is our true nature. In Yoga the Ego is not an expression of narcissism but it is the part of the mind that says “I.” “I am this and I have that.”

One of the tricks the Ego plays on us is telling us that we need external things to be truly fulfilled. We need a big house, we need a fancy car, we need lots of nice clothes.  The Ego says, “ If I don’t have what everyone else has then I will not be content.” The Ego is the source of attachment and the suffering that comes from attachment.

Sometimes the Ego can be very convincing. So convincing in fact that we completely lose track of our true nature and start to compete with those around us. We lose our connection with our community and become separate and alone.

What the practice of Yoga allows us to do is know ourselves better. To know ourselves beyond our desires and Ego and get in touch with our natural state of contentment, peace, and joy. As one practices Yoga we start to become aware of the movements and tricks of the Ego and stop taking it so seriously. We stop acting as if the Ego and our desires are our true self and take different actions. Instead of wasting energy fighting for that last seat on the subway we let it go and see what happens.

What we are trying to do is stop valuing external comforts. We need what we need and nothing more. As we slowly release our attachments to these comforts we become less stressed because we realize that where we are is the perfect place to be. We realize with clarity what the right actions to take are and what is unnecessary. We begin to live life with confidence and ease.

The external can not bring you what you are looking for. Only getting beyond your Ego can. Getting in touch with who you really are, what is important, and what sustains you.

We are all worthy and complete. Sometimes we just have to stop what we are doing and take a deep breath to realize it.



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