Finding Stillness

Posted May 12, 2017

by Katrina Kiklowicz


Stillness: a state of freedom from storm or disturbance; the near complete absence of sound.


For me, the lack of disturbance, of noise, of agitation, allowing for balance between strength and softness.

Near the beginning of teacher training, this thought came to me:
At the centre of stillness, the true questions begin. So do the true answers.

And then the question. “Why so many things?”

And then the answer. “Maybe you don’t need to do anything.”

Maybe, finally, there’s nothing left to prove.

Maybe, finally, I am learning to be still; to find strength in my softness, and softness in my strength.

Maybe I no longer need the walls. Maybe it’s ok to be me.

Take the journey.
Lay the questions down to rest.
Find the place where your mind is quiet and your soul is still.
Come home.

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