COVID-19 Update 2: March 13, 2020

Posted March 13, 2020
Dear Community,
Your health and wellbeing continues to be our top priority through this time. We’ve changed and added new procedures to ensure your safety over the last week. I thank you for your cooperation through it all.

I really appreciate all who have continued to come to class the last few weeks. We are still here for you. We thank the many students that have shared with us how glad they are to have the studio open through all the stress we are all carrying.

We are flooded with new information almost every hour and are keeping track of this evolving situation. I can assure you we are taking all guidelines related to social distancing and precautions very seriously. This is a matter of keeping ourselves safe, as well as the people around us that might be most vulnerable.
We also have to keep in mind our 40+ teachers and managing team whose incomes hang in the balance.
These are hard decisions to make. Depending on the perspective one could say the best thing to do would be to close the studio and wait for things to calm down. While others might think having a responsible community space where we can support each other through the chaos is actually very  important.
After much thought we are FOR NOW deciding to keep the studio OPEN with a normal schedule of classes. We will, however, in an abundance of caution, take drastic measures to ensure the safety of our community:
Since our last communication we have added a few procedures at both studios:
  • Replaced cloth towels with paper towels in every bathroom
  • Teachers are planning classes with minimal use of shared props whenever possible.
  • Added hand sanitizer in every room.
  • Disinfecting all surfaces, door knobs, toilet handles, sink handles in between every class.
  • Create prop cleaning stations in each studio and cleaning all props after every use
  • No hands-on assists
In addition, starting tomorrow, Saturday, March 13:
  • We will no longer be lending our mats or props until further notice. Please plan to bring your own when coming to class.
  • Class sizes will be limited to 12 people in Inwood
  • Class sizes will be limited 20 in Harlem

Note: Please register ahead of time for classes. We will be keeping a 5 person wait list on all classes if necessary. Thank you!

With the load of information and constant updates, as well as the intense media coverage about the virus, I know that our collective level of stress is pretty high — and stress only puts more on our immune system. We know some can’t come to class right now, or are choosing to not come to class as a precaution. We absolutely understand your concerns.

In an attempt to support our students who cannot join us at the studio at this time, we will start Live Streaming two classes daily starting Saturday, March 14th. These classes will be listed on our Mindbody Online schedule. Our current members will have free full access to all online classes. An “online drop-in” rate of $15 is also available for those without a membership. You can find more info HERE.

We hope that this will ease the stress of your days, help support your immune system, and in return help us maintain our studios during these uncertain times.

Again, we are taking it all one hour at a time. So all this could change again momentarily. We ask for your patience as we navigate these changes.

Thank you and let’s take good care of ourselves and each other.

Marcela and the B&Y Team

About online classes:

  • Registration for live streaming classes can be done through the Mindbody App or on our website just like any of our regular classes.
  • Please select “All Locations” to see all online classes
  • All memberships have full access to online classes
  • If you don’t currently have a membership to the studio, online drop-in prince is $15/class
  • You must sign up in advance for all online classes. Class registration will close 30 minutes prior to the start  of class. We will not be able to send you the class link if you are not registered by this time.
  • Classes will be held on We recommend that you download zoom or the zoom app into your computer or phone.
  • We will email login info to all students registered into each class about 15-30 minutes before each class.
  • Please be sure your email and cell phone info is up to date on your Mindbody Online profile.

We will be Live Streaming one morning class and one evening class daily. Our regular schedule of classes will continue to be held at both studios.


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