Come Explore Your Playful Side!

Posted May 9, 2014

Join the circus! Come out and play at our Circus Yoga Workshop on Sunday, May 18th. Today we feature a post from instructor Tara Mooney about inviting more playfulness into our lives.

“We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply engrossed in anything, than when we are at play.”
-Charles E. Schaefer

It’s time to put down your devices and step into the ring! The ring of mats that is Circusyoga! In this playful ring, we bridge yoga to the circus as sangha/community. In the ring we are invited to be fully present, curious in play and to connect with our hands, eyes and feet!

I love to play! I need to play. And all around me, I see adults who need to play too. We invite participants ages 7 and up, so we can be inspired by our wise children who remind us how to embody, create and explore. And as we create together in community, inclusive of a wide range of ages and skill levels, with deep listening, reflection and empathy, we can evolve to create a more vibrant community.

Our playful practices pulls from Community & Mandala Yoga, Partner Yoga, Partner Acrobatics, Flying Yoga, Theater Games, Juggling, Diabolo, Devil Sticks, Clowning & Physical Comedy, Balance in poses, on a Pipe and on a Tight Wire, Creative Movement & Dance, Thai Yoga Massage and more. Hopefully this will ignite in you a new found curiosity. And maybe the next time you reach for that phone, you might reach for someone’s hand instead to explore some counterbalancing or you may (like me) find that you have to carry a set of poi with you wherever you go. (Don’t know what “poi” are? Come find out!)

Click here to sign up for our Circus Yoga Workshop and start playing!

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