Cathedral Inside

Posted November 13, 2015

by Nancy Preston


Everyone is busy. Busy with what? What is the mind occupied with? A hamster in a running wheel is busy- in constant motion but going nowhere. How about stepping back right now- wherever you are.

Exhale. If it is safe close your eyes.
If not safe soften the muscles around the eyes but keep them open.

Exhale again, allow easy inhalations to follow the exhalations.

Exhale and drop your lower jaw, let the mouth open and say “ahhh” if you dare.

Feel the upper pallet- the roof of the mouth release towards the brain and the tongue drop into the lower pallet. Right there inside your mouth is a cathedral. Become aware of the space.

Close the mouth gently and maintain that space of the cathedral. The roof of mouth releasing upward and the tongue resting in the lower pallet releasing downward while the lips remain softly touching. The hinge of the jaw relaxed. The face relaxed.

Feel the vast space inside. The sacred space. Smile. Om Shantih Shantih Shantih



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