I Am Enough

Posted April 3, 2018

  by KT Fanelli It’s so easy to forget how quickly life can move. One second you’re stuck, lost, unsure of who you are and where you’re headed, the next your following a dharma you never knew you had. That’s what these last 6 months have felt like to me. […]


Posted March 19, 2018

by Laura Salcedo   During the last couple of months in teacher training I’ve learned to listen to my body and my emotions. Paying attention more in detail to what is going on inside. Being patient with myself. I push myself too hard sometimes and judge myself too much. In […]

I am here, at this moment

Posted February 16, 2018

by Caprice Corona   Layers. Peeling back layers. Finding more layers, and peeling those away. Peeking under to find something new…or old. Forgotten pieces of myself that I’d inadvertently tucked away during the journey from full-time singing work to motherhood that I’ve been on for the past 15+ years; a […]

There's No Crying in Baseball

Posted February 16, 2018

by Meghan Ginley   “Tell me about your yoga journey.” My first response is “Yoga changed my life.” But that statement is false. Because that is assuming that by practicing yoga, I have become someone “other” than I have been. That is not true. Yoga has made me more of […]

Building a Foundation

Posted February 9, 2018

by Talya Price   It’s more than just knowing the postures and being the “best” one in the class to do them. It’s the breath and the movement of energy. It’s being present. It’s laying a foundation. I’ve always viewed yoga as a way to center myself and harness my […]

The Heart of Yoga

Posted February 1, 2018

by Jenny Seham   I brought T.K. V. Desikachar’s, The Heart of Yoga, Developing a Personal Practice, to study while waiting to have a follow-up chest x-ray. Chapter 6, “Pranayama,” seemed a good place to continue my reading. Earlier that day, I woke up feeling, more than hearing, the word: […]

Yoga is a Tool

Posted December 27, 2017

  by Ethan Lewis Casey III In the process of living my life I have learned many different ways, mostly through trial and error and/or through the words and actions of others.  Many of these lessons were learned easily, others not so much.  What I have learned about myself was […]

The Storm Before the Calm

Posted December 3, 2017

by Serena Aquino I joined teacher training out of a feeling of detachment from myself. As a working professional, I often found myself feeling over-worked, stressed, exhausted and needing to force myself to stop thinking and processing work when I’d get home at the end of the day. I knew […]

Where I Come From

Posted November 20, 2017

by Zanny Anderson Day two of yoga teacher training: Upon finishing a relaxing yoga practice, I’m surprised to find myself chanting the Yoga Sutras in Sanskrit over the next two hours. I ask myself, “Is this what yoga is? Interesting, but why are we doing this? I’m not sure this is for me.” My defense […]

That's Not Me

Posted June 9, 2017

by Margaret McConnell In yoga, we learn that we each have our own samskara.  This is a mental and emotional pattern we repeat over and over again.  My samskara happens to be anxiety intertwined with imposter syndrome. Wikipedia defines imposter syndrome as “a concept describing high-achieving individuals who are marked […]


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