Building a Foundation

Posted February 9, 2018

by Talya Price


It’s more than just knowing the postures and being the “best” one in the class to do them. It’s the breath and the movement of energy. It’s being present. It’s laying a foundation.

I’ve always viewed yoga as a way to center myself and harness my chi. I never thought of myself as a person who could teach it to anyone, much less teach, because I didn’t have the patience and I thought my temper would get in the way of truly helping someone. Then we began the daily ritual of practicing our sadhana. I’ll admit that in the beginning I was reluctant to get up so early and practice. I started to discover that on days I didn’t practice my sadhana, those were the days it was harder for me to control my emotions, to focus, to commit to tasks for the day. The days I would go through my practice, nothing could stop me. I felt like a supreme bad ass, even on the days that were extremely emotional. Doing my sadhana everyday lets me feel feelings and think thoughts without letting it take over the whole day. My sadhana is where I find peace. My sadhana is where I build my foundation. And now, at what seems to be the halfway point through the program, I feel more at ease with the idea of teaching this practice to others. Is the anxiety still there? Of course. That’s what my sadhana is for.


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