An Important Announcement About The Studio!

Posted December 11, 2020

Dear Bread and Yoga Community,

As we approach the end of 2020 our intention is to move forward in a direction that is more than ever in line with the mission and vision I had when I first opened the Inwood studio back in 2009, while also addressing the glaring inequities we face in the wellness industry today.

It is with great hope and joy I’d like to announce that Bread and Yoga is transitioning into a WORKER-OWNED COOPERATIVE!
What is a Co-op? 

Worker cooperatives are owned by their workers (in this case our teachers),  governed by their workers in a democratic process, and are operated for the benefit of their workers and the community they serve. The purpose of a cooperative is to realize the economic, cultural and social needs of its members and its surrounding community.

As a coop our aim is to foster a wellness community based upon a foundation of social justice, equity, and liberation. A community awake to the notion that “love” is based in action, and that access to wellness is a human right.

So how does our transition to Co-op affect you?

The transition will happen slowly over the next few months and we hope it will affect you in really good ways. For now we want to start by addressing a couple of big decisions:


We want to acknowledge that the last few months might have deeply affected your finances and potentially your ability to maintain your yoga practice. Some of us are just trying to make rent. We get it.

 As we start thinking about how to participate in our local economy from a place of solidarity, we are changing the structure of our rates to a tiered sliding scale. Our new rate structure takes into account the fact that we are fully online, it centers those of us that have been financially affected by Covid-19, creates opportunity for those not affected to help support the studio, the teachers and your fellow practitioners, and that values the teachers time and work.

This is what it looks like to us to be in close relationship with our community and to move towards a practice of cooperative economics.

 When choosing your tier of membership we invite you to look at what is possible through a lens of COLLECTIVE CARE in a way that feels authentically generous without causing you hardship. In other words, we are putting the responsibility in your hands as the “consumer” and trusting that you will value the services we offer and make the choice that honestly reflects your financial possibilities.
All new rates will be in effect by early next week.

Hard Decisions
One of the hardest decisions we had to make as we evaluate our next steps has been to let go of our Harlem studio. We only had a few months and a lot of plans for the work we wanted to do in Harlem. It’s been heartbreaking to make this decision but with COVID regulations and all the unknowns of the next few months it felt necessary to let go of that expense and really focus on creating a more sustainable model. We will continue to serve our Harlem community through our online offerings and look forward to reconnecting with some community organizations we had partnered with for programming, including free classes at St. Nicholas Park.

Next Steps
We are continuously working in the background to make sure this will be a smooth and positive transition. In the months to come you will be hearing more from the teachers and less from me. We will be sharing more information, making necessary changes and reaching out to you directly about how you might want to participate in making this new vision happen.

The most important thing we ask is that you stick around and continue to come to classes. This is an exciting time for us and we would love for you to be a part of it.

The last few months have been unimaginable.  We have learned some important lessons through the hardships faced as a studio and continue to be deeply grateful and amazed by your support. Without it I am not sure we would still be here. Thank you!!

In solidarity,

Marcela Xavier and the B&Y Coop


Bread and Yoga
5000 Broadway, Suite A
(Entrance on 212th St.)
New York, NY 10034