A Song from the Universe

Posted July 8, 2015

by Rian Bodner


The Universe is singing us all the same song. It is one about Love. Oneness. Compassion. Sometimes I hear talk about how some people are spiritually awake and some are asleep. This doesn’t mean that those who are “asleep” are wasting their lives and are without true purpose. If you are asleep, you still subliminally hear the song. But if you are to wake up, and acknowledge that you know the song is being played, and listen to it everywhere you go, with everything you see and do, the song gets louder and clearer. First it sounds like it’s coming in on a transistor radio, then through the ceiling in a department store, then at times a pair of really nice headphones, and if we’re lucky we might find ourselves in a seat listening to the song live in person, flesh to flesh, spirit to spirit, heart to heart, friend to friend. We can’t always hear the song all that clearly, sometimes a different one is playing louder. But the better we are at hearing it, the more practice we give ourselves at tuning it in, the more we can sing it ourselves. It is the sound of All our hearts.

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