A Practice for November

Posted November 6, 2015

by Nancy Preston

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November is here. The year-end nears along with the holiday season and all that comes with it. This is a perfect time for a pause. Here’s a great reboot. A chance for relaxing the mind and reminding the skeleton of it’s hardwired alignment.

It only takes 5 minutes!

Lie on your back on the floor with legs bent at a right angle; lower legs resting on a chair seat.

If your head tilts back place a firm neatly folded blanket under it so head is level, The bottom of the chin is perpendicular to the floor. The blanket should be under head and neck only- not under the shoulders.

The bend at the hips/ thighs and knees/shins should be at right angles.

Adjust the placement of chair so thighs are at a right angle to trunk.

The hips and buttocks should be on the floor on the same plane.

Lower legs are at right angle to the thighs and on the chair seat.

If chair is too low add blanket(s) on the chair seat as needed to create the right angle of lower legs.

If the chair is too high try a stool, low table, box or other piece of furniture that allow legs to be in the right angle position and the pelvis to rest on the floor.

Arrange the legs so that they are parallel. Place your hands on he frontal hip bones- the knobs. Line up the knee caps and the front center of ankles with the hip bones. The legs and feet will be apart. Make sure feet and lower legs do not turn out. Toes point up. Shins face up, You will also notice the inner tips of your front shoulders will also be in line with the hip points, knee caps and center front ankles.

Rest the arms away from the body on the floor at 30 degree angles with palms facing up.

Settle into the supports. Breath. Allow the belly to move with the breath gently. The abdomen gently rises with the inhale and falls with the exhale.This is diaphragmatic breathing.

The hips will settle to the floor. Muscles will release. The shoulders and pelvis will rebalance.

Be in the direct experience of the moment. Ask nothing of it. Surrender.

You can extend this practice from 5- 10 minutes with eyes closed or opened, passive and still.

A post Halloween TREAT!

A pre- holiday FORTIFICATION!

Perhaps even a DAILY PRACTICE.


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