A Dance Between Two Bodies

Posted February 7, 2016

by Shawna Emerick


“A dance between two bodies.”

That is the line that hooked me into learning the ancient tradition of Thai Yoga Bodywork. To me it is not “lazy man’s yoga,” the other line you might here around this energy work, for this healing practice holds possibility for transformation. To touch someone, to enter their energetic field, to nurture them with your own energy, is a sweet gift. And, then, you come to find that in the giving, you are still receiving. I have been reminded so many times, by friends and healers, that when they gift things to me, it fills them as well; the same holds true with Thai Yoga. And, of course, there is the wonderful experience of just being able to relax and let go, to receive. And, yet, for some, this is actually the most difficult to practice. It takes trust, ease, and breath, to allow oneself to be taken care of, to be supported, to be loved. I hope for our Valentine’s Day workshop, whether you come as intimate couple or friends, that we will all come together in the spirit of loving kindness.

Much Metta (loving-kindness), Shawna


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