I’m supposed to write a yoga teacher blog

Posted October 30, 2014
by Orin Kurtz I’m supposed to write a yoga teacher blog. But I have nothing to say today. I think I may be at a plateau, and that’s just fine. You don’t have to have something to say all the time. So, here are a few stories I was *going to* contribute for this blog, before […]
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How did I end up a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher?

Posted October 29, 2014
by Nancy Preston The Iyengar Yoga method is a systematic, step by step method of yoga with emphasis on alignment and sequencing developed by BKS Iyengar (1918- 2014). He was credited to bringing yoga to the west and named an icon of the 20th Century by TIME Magazine. The method uses adaptive postures and props […]
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Ketchup with Your Self Care

Posted October 28, 2014
by Edya Kalev, Advanced MELT Instructor You open the bottle, and turn it over. Nothing. Not a drop of ketchup makes it way onto your eagerly awaiting fries. So you screw the cap back on, and shake it. Now the ketchup flows freely down the neck of the bottle, adding the perfect zest to your […]
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The Roses Under My Window

Posted October 24, 2014
shared by Fiona Cutting “The roses under my window make no reference to former roses or better ones; they are what they are; they exist with God today. There is no time to them. There is simply the rose; it is perfect in every moment of its existence.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson Self Reliance   Welcome to […]
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Posted October 21, 2014
Every week we three lunch hour classes for our community members that work from home or work in the neighborhood! All classes are 1 hour and are offered at a discounted or by donation rate! Come check them out!  
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Finding My Voice

Posted October 20, 2014
by Nancy Preston I begin yoga classes with the chanting of OM and the Invocation to Patanjali in Sanskrit. I conclude classes with the chanting of OM. Often the chanting at the end of class is distinctively different. There are many reasons for this, but my current investigation is the throat itself. This was brought […]
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Finding Balance

Posted October 17, 2014
by AmyLou Coppola I’ve been looking forward to this training since I committed back in January, however I did not anticipate starting a new job one week into it! Finding balance while fully committing myself to both a new job and my yoga certification has posed it challenges (sleep? friends? leisure? not much of any). […]
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Seasonal Cooking for the Fall

Posted October 16, 2014
by Deniz Akiska There’s nothing better than eating a warm, home-cooked meal at the kitchen table. During the fall, I feel more inclined to spend time in my kitchen, cooking, and eating comforting, nutritious food. Maybe I am biased, but fall is my favorite season all around. I love the sunny days and the crisp […]
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What is Iyengar Yoga

Posted October 13, 2014
by Nancy Preston What is Iyengar Yoga? Here is the answer from Apple Dictionary: A type of Hatha Yoga focusing on the correct alignment of the body, making use of straps, wooden blocks, etc. as aids to achieving the correct postures. Named after the Indian yoga teacher B. K. S. Iyengar (1918-2014), who devised the […]
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Life Lessons with Sinatra

Posted October 08, 2014
by Nancy Preston My neighbors thought I was a strange child. I would rise with the sun. Mother would eventually let me outside. I’d walk along the rocks in the yard. I am told often with umbrella open on a sunny day, singing. I have vague memories of this but it has been recounted by […]
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