Finding My Voice

Posted October 20, 2014
by Nancy Preston I begin yoga classes with the chanting of OM and the Invocation to Patanjali in Sanskrit. I conclude classes with the chanting of OM. Often the chanting at the end of class is distinctively different. There are many reasons for this, but my current investigation is the throat itself. This was brought […]
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Finding Balance

Posted October 17, 2014
by AmyLou Coppola I’ve been looking forward to this training since I committed back in January, however I did not anticipate starting a new job one week into it! Finding balance while fully committing myself to both a new job and my yoga certification has posed it challenges (sleep? friends? leisure? not much of any). […]
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Seasonal Cooking for the Fall

Posted October 16, 2014
by Deniz Akiska There’s nothing better than eating a warm, home-cooked meal at the kitchen table. During the fall, I feel more inclined to spend time in my kitchen, cooking, and eating comforting, nutritious food. Maybe I am biased, but fall is my favorite season all around. I love the sunny days and the crisp […]
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What is Iyengar Yoga

Posted October 13, 2014
by Nancy Preston What is Iyengar Yoga? Here is the answer from Apple Dictionary: A type of Hatha Yoga focusing on the correct alignment of the body, making use of straps, wooden blocks, etc. as aids to achieving the correct postures. Named after the Indian yoga teacher B. K. S. Iyengar (1918-2014), who devised the […]
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Life Lessons with Sinatra

Posted October 08, 2014
by Nancy Preston My neighbors thought I was a strange child. I would rise with the sun. Mother would eventually let me outside. I’d walk along the rocks in the yard. I am told often with umbrella open on a sunny day, singing. I have vague memories of this but it has been recounted by […]
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No Refunds

Posted October 03, 2014
by Diane Keeney On May 29th, I sent a panicked e-mail to Lisa Benner, one of the lovely Hathavidya instructors and teacher training instructors at Bread and Yoga. Earlier that month I had signed up (and dropped a sizable deposit) for the early bird teacher training special. My thought: “A 200 hour yoga teacher training […]
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Open House Weekend- 5 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Posted October 01, 2014
Join us for a full weekend of donation classes and celebrate our 5 year anniversary! We invite the whole community to come take class and join us at our special 5 Year Anniversary Party! All classes and party events will be open to donation to help fund our tween and teen scholarships for arts and cooking […]
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Music, is a little like the sun, a heart without borders

Posted September 30, 2014
by Natalie Ulrich Two years ago I attended a concert at the United Nations. Stevie Wonder was playing that night amongst many more amazing musicians. The night was filled with messages of peaceand efforts to build bridges and create harmony were in full swing. That night the general assembly hall of the United Nations was […]
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And So It Begins

Posted September 26, 2014
by Meghan Lastra After weeks of growing anticipation, the 200 hour teacher training is finally here! I had committed to this back in January, so I’ve had a lot of time to wonder about this upcoming experience and vacillated between nervousness and excitement. Endless questions swirled through my brain about whether I would be expected […]
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Welcome Home, Teacher Trainees!

Posted September 24, 2014
by Marcela Xavier The Hathavidya Teacher Training has begun! What an amazing group! We are so happy that you have chosen to go through this journey here at Bread and Yoga. For the next 9 weeks we will be sharing blog posts from each of the trainees about their experiences during the training. It will […]
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