Older Guy Needs Adjustments Too

Posted April 26, 2016
by David Kaminsky Originally published on YogaCity NYC I started practicing yoga around fifteen years ago on the advice of my marriage counselor. He thought it could save my marriage by calming my stressed-out soul. So I joined a gym with yoga classes. While yoga didn’t save the marriage, my new practice was instrumental in easing my anxiety. Sure, […]
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The weird thing that happened

Posted April 21, 2016
by Shawna Emerick   I have just turned on my whale music.  Yes, it is one of the things I wanted at my son’s birth. My awesome midwife commented, post birth, how she loves ‘Finding Nemo’, and we all had a good laugh! Now I’m crying; the memory.  As I write this blog, I knew […]
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My top 5 reasons why Yoga and Politics go together

Posted April 19, 2016
by Marcela Xavier We recently hosted a potluck and phone bank in support of the Bernie Sanders campaign. As expected we received some inquiries on why a yoga studio would be supporting any one candidate’s campaign or even getting involved in politics in general. Some even said the mix of the two is “just a […]
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3 Simple Reasons for Wearing Your New Baby

Posted April 12, 2016
by Caprice Corona “Babywearing” – the act of carrying your baby in a baby carrier – has exploded in popularity and visibility in the western world over the past couple of decades. And while most indigenous cultures have recognized and enjoyed the benefits of using a baby carrier for generations upon generations, the industrialized world […]
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Posted April 01, 2016
by A.D. I’m a skeptic. I came to yoga as a self-punishing marathon runner who needed to stretch the muscles I hammered across five boroughs of asphalt and concrete. No hocus pocus blah-di-blah for me. I tuned out messages I feared were spiritual with the aggressiveness of a radio jammer blocking wifi signals. Evidently my […]
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5 Ideas to Help You Wear Your Big(ger) Baby in a Carrier

Posted March 29, 2016
by Caprice Corona, Babywearing Consultant and Advocate Congratulations! You’ve made it out of the newborn phase with your baby, so the heady, hazy, sleepless days of newborn caretaking are gone… … only to be replaced by…well…the heady, hazy, sleepless days of caring for a teething baby (or a newly cruising/walking almost-toddler…or a young toddler who […]
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Posted March 24, 2016
by Tom Weston One summer day while walking with friends I got a phone call from my cardiologist. I had gone to him the day before because I was getting out of breath just walking, but I’d checked out fine, and he had sent me on my way. “Your blood tests came back and the […]
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5 Things I Wish I’d Known About Elimination Communication

Posted March 15, 2016
by Caprice Corona When I was in my third trimester with my first pregnancy, my husband and I made a last-minute decision to move across the country, to be near my family for the birth of our first child. Needless to say, I was completely overwhelmed – finding a new provider so late in my […]
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May this practice be of benefit to all beings…

Posted March 01, 2016
by Amy Soucy   “May this practice be of benefit to all beings…” (Warning: You may encounter some brain science in this blog!) One of my favorite teachers, renowned meditation teacher Sally Kempton, often prefaces or ends her instruction with this compassionate dedication. You may have heard it yourself, in similar form, as Metta (lovingkindness) […]
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Are You “Ready” for Potty Training?

Posted February 12, 2016
by Caprice Corona Toddlerhood is time for potty training! And whether or not you’ve wanted to, you’ve probably gotten quite a bit of advice about the topic from other parents…and maybe your own parents…and your pediatrician…and your colleagues, friends, neighbors, childcare provider, landlord, mail delivery person, the bus driver… “Don’t make it big production – your baby will […]
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