Finding your faith

Posted February 17, 2015
by Joseph Glaser The first two steps of the Raja Yoga path, the path of mental mastery, are Yama and Niyama. Yama and Niyama are each a set of 5 values. The former being values you cultivate towards your community and the latter being values you cultivate within yourself. The final Niyama is Ishwara Pranidhana […]
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Getting Beyond The Ego

Posted January 23, 2015
by Joseph Glaser If I could afford to dress like a celebrity more people would like me. If my house had all new furniture then I would be content with it. If I could do all the Yoga poses I would feel accomplished and complete. Our minds are constantly telling us that if we can […]
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Having Enough

Posted January 17, 2015
by Joseph Glaser In our modern world it can be easy to think that we don’t have enough. We don’t have enough money, enough friends, and definitely not enough time. This is one of the main reasons that we struggle so much with staying present. In Yoga, and in the art of living fully, being […]
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Yoga Off The Mat: Yamas and Niyamas

Posted January 09, 2015
by Judi Checo In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the great, late Maya Angelou once said she woke up every day with the intention to be so good, and went to bed every night reviewing all the ways in which she’d failed, and prepared to do better the next day. I remember hearing that and […]
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New Year’s Specials!

Posted December 29, 2014
Start the new year with intention! Take advantage of these great offers and special classes designed to start your year off on the right foot.   SPECIALS 2 WEEK UNLIMITED | $49, new students only! 30 CLASS CARD | $399 (6 month duration) MORNING CLASS PASS | 10 Morning classes for $120* YEARLY UNLIMITED PASS […]
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Holiday Schedule

Posted December 29, 2014
Happy Holidays everyone! We’ll be offering a reduced schedule this week and a full schedule over the weekend. Scroll down for the full list of classes. We hope to see you at the studio! SCHEDULE Monday, December 22: Normal Schedule Tuesday, December 23: 9AM Hatha/Vinyasa 6:30PM Hathavidya 8PM Iyengar NO PRENATAL YOGA Wednesday, December 24 (Christmas Eve): […]
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Yoga Off The Mat: Practice Santosha and Change the Story

Posted December 23, 2014
by Judi Checo I was falling down the hole again. Spiraling and incoherent. Alone. That’s how I felt. Very alone. The long list of all the things I desperately wanted, but still didn’t have played on repeat in my mind, like the credits at the beginning of the star wars movies- theatrically highlighted in bold, […]
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Yoga Off the Mat: psssst-Meditation is the whole point.

Posted December 16, 2014
by Judi Checo I started practicing yoga in the late 90’s, but I didn’t develop a meditation practice until a little over a year ago when it became a requirement of my yoga teacher training. Prior to that, I had very skeptically and sheepishly tried it a few times and decided rather quickly that I […]
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Yoga Off the Mat: Practicing Sthira Sukhamasanam this Holiday Season

Posted December 09, 2014
by Judi Checo “How is the love life treating you?”, my step-sister’s husband asked. It was the weekend before Thanksgiving and I was at a reunion with my extended family from Rhode Island. I hadn’t seen them in 3 years, and while I was happy to be with them and felt their love and joy […]
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Romping in the Meadows of Yoga

Posted December 05, 2014
By Maryrose Wood I came to my yoga practice with the goal of self-care in a time of personal stress. I didn’t have any large agenda about it; I just wanted to get out of the house and do something positive for my mental and physical health. I work from home, so the part about […]
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