Memorial Day Weekend Reduced Schedule

Posted May 21, 2015
We’ll be open over Memorial Day Weekend, but operating with a reduced schedule. See below for a our full schedule of classes and have a great holiday weekend! Friday, May 22 Normal Schedule Saturday, May 23 9AM Hatha Flow | 10:30AM Prenatal Sunday, May 24 9AM Vinyasa | 10:30AM Bilingual Hatha (donation) | 6PM Iyengar Monday, […]
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Today I Was a Yogi

Posted May 20, 2015
by Lisa Marino Lately, when someone learns that I am spending eight weekends in a yoga teacher training program, it often sparks a lot of interest.  A typical reaction goes something like, “Wow. That sounds super fun and relaxing. I would love to get away from my kids and just do yoga all weekend.”  I […]
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Send in the Medical Team

Posted May 16, 2015
by Apryl Grasty Apryl has nothing to say (send in the medical team). I’m a talker. Have been my whole life. Public speaking- sweet! Teaching- boo yah! Striking up conversations with attractive men- cake walk! I am a woman of many words. So when it came time to write my blog entry, I thought I […]
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Padmasana and the Art of Process

Posted May 13, 2015
by Johanna Bell The Lotus Flower is an iconic symbol in many of the eastern traditions. It contains such beautiful and poignant spiritual significance. Though it’s essence is pure, it must dig down into the mud and creep through the murk in order to blossom into its exquisite and perfect beauty. So it is with […]
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Spring Bloom

Posted May 05, 2015
by Johanna Bell “If you’ve never been thrilled to the very edges of your soul by a flower in spring bloom, maybe your soul has never been in bloom.” ~Terri Guillemets May Flowers.  They are here! Oh, they are here and such happy tidings after what seemed such a long and trying winter.  Just today, […]
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Posted April 28, 2015
by Irene SanPietro   It’s not all about feeling good.  Nepal is happening, Baltimore is happening. I find myself repeating Gayatri Mantra as I walk.  The last two lines are harder than the first.  I think, this is hard.  Some people have it very hard.  I am not sitting with myself, bending and stretching so […]
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To This Land We Came to Tire

Posted April 14, 2015
by Claudia Vargas I’ve been trying to be guided by an idea that I encountered recently. The idea is to “Learn to love responsibility as an instance of growth.” Learning is a choice. We can choose the way in which we experience life. We can choose to see responsibility as a load or as a privilege. Work, […]
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Your Gift

Posted March 31, 2015
by Shawna Emerick Last week, a Chinese proverb came into my life.  It said, “Your teacher can open the door, but you must enter by yourself.” At first, I thought, yes, but what about my friends and family who can walk through with me?!  True, but I will not be focusing on that here. Rather, the […]
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Teacher Training with a Full Time Job

Posted March 25, 2015
by Orin Kurtz The first question many people ask as they consider teacher training (TT) is: how can I handle this in addition to work and the rest of my life? I had the same question when I was getting ready for TT. As soon as I heard there would be a training, I was […]
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The End of Class: My Desire for Us

Posted March 23, 2015
by Shawna Emerick Silent, sweaty, calm, slower moving practitioners start to pick themselves up off their mats. That sweet moment when everything has changed because of the Yoga practice we all just went through. Yes, even I, as instructor, was right there along side you, coaching, cheering, compassionately nudging, and flowing in the prana (life […]
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