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by Jacob Hoffman   I never went through a lost phase. For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt deeply rooted by a sense of self. There hasn’t ever been a time where the notion of who Jacob is has come into question. I’ve always seen myself clearly. And […]


May Student of the Month: Andrea Bell

Get to know our student of the month, Andrea Bell!   Q: How did you get into yoga? I’m originally from Denver and I was really into sports when I lived in Colorado. Everyone is. I got into triathlon when I was in college. I started doing yoga because stretching […]


If not now, then when?

by Bekki Doster   I’ve wanted to take yoga teacher training for years now, ever since I first learned what it was really about, or at least what I thought it was really about. A way to develop a personal practice, a journey into self-discovery, an education on the finer […]


Transformation and Fluctuation

by Briana Packen O’Melveny   Remember the old Roadrunner cartoons where Wile E. Coyote realizes he’s chased the roadrunner off the cliff? Ironically, he floats in mid-air until the very moment he realizes there’s no ground beneath his feet. Only when his mind fluctuates back to self-consciousness does the transformation […]


Finding Stillness

by Katrina Kiklowicz   Stillness: a state of freedom from storm or disturbance; the near complete absence of sound. calmness noiselessness quietness hush peace For me, the lack of disturbance, of noise, of agitation, allowing for balance between strength and softness. Near the beginning of teacher training, this thought came […]


Through The Discomfort

  by Ed Markovich The first days of teacher training were a shock. Vaguely, I thought it’d feel like the best, longest yoga class. Lots of personalized attention and adjustments, with long trippy shavasanas. Instead, 7 of us mainly sat on a concrete floor in an Inwood basement, our backs […]


May Teacher of the Month: Michelle Vanegas

Check out our teacher of the month for May! Join Michelle for Tuesday evening classes at 6:30, now through May 23rd. Q: I read in your bio that you initially resisted the idea of yoga. Why? The very first class I took was with my boyfriend at the time who […]


The Decision to Meditate

  by Katy Wang During my daily Sadhana meditation at 6:15 this morning, I began to panic. My mind wandered to the fact that I still had nothing to submit for my blog entry. I had sat in front of my laptop for over an hour last night, but nothing […]


April Student of the Month: Orin Kurtz

Orin Kurtz is the Student of the Month for April. Orin is a lawyer, a jazz musician and a certified Hathavidya teacher. He’s also an unofficial ambassador for the studio. If you’ve been to a class Orin has probably struck up a conversation with you or offered a friendly smile. […]


AWAKE: Movie Screening

Earth Day | April 22nd | Doors open at 8pm; Screening at 8:30pm Standing Rock North Dakota became one of the most watched places on earth. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe captured world attention through their peaceful resistance. While many may know the details, Awake, A Dream from Standing Rock, […]


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