November Teacher of the Month: Noah Baumwoll

  Noah Baumwoll is our teacher of the month for November. Noah practices the Bhakti branch of yoga, and will be sharing his devotion with the community through Kirtan on Saturday, December 2nd.    Q: How did you get into yoga? I was always into spiritual things and then I […]


Where I Come From

by Zanny Anderson Day two of yoga teacher training: Upon finishing a relaxing yoga practice, I’m surprised to find myself chanting the Yoga Sutras in Sanskrit over the next two hours. I ask myself, “Is this what yoga is? Interesting, but why are we doing this? I’m not sure this is for me.” My defense […]


October Teacher of the Month: Carolina Lindoff

  Carolina Lindoff is our Teacher of the Month this October. Carolina grew up in Sweden where she studied dance and was introduced to yoga. Since her move to New York City in 2012, yoga has been the anchor that has helped her through the transition and beyond. Carolina completed […]


September Student of the Month: Yvonne Montanino

  Get to know our student of the month for September, Yvonne Montanino!   Q: How did you get into doing yoga? I’ve been practicing yoga for almost 20 years. I belonged to Crunch [gym] and I started taking classes there. Q: Twenty years ago yoga was just starting to […]


September Teacher of the Month: Judi Checo

  Judi Checo is our teacher of the month for September! Check out her Bilingual Yoga classes (by donation), now at a new time – every Saturday at 12:30PM. Q: How did you get into yoga? My first class was at a studio in the Union Square area. I wasn’t […]


July Teacher of the Month: Jackie Foley

Jackie Foley is our teacher of the month for July! Check out her classes on Wednesdays at 6:30pm, Saturdays at 11:30am, and Sundays at 9am. Q: You just returned from leading a yoga retreat off the coast of Scotland. How was it? It was amazing. We had a beautiful group […]


June Student of the Month: Riccardo Bonparola

  Riccardo Bonparola is our student of the month for June. Riccardo and his wife Manuela are regulars in our Sunday bilingual class, which is fitting since they each speak multiple languages. An Italian who grew up in Brazil, Riccardo finds the friendly, family-oriented culture of Inwood to be a […]


That's Not Me

by Margaret McConnell In yoga, we learn that we each have our own samskara.  This is a mental and emotional pattern we repeat over and over again.  My samskara happens to be anxiety intertwined with imposter syndrome. Wikipedia defines imposter syndrome as “a concept describing high-achieving individuals who are marked […]


June Teacher of the Month: Anthony Purdy

  Get to know more about our June teacher of the month, Anthony Purdy. Anthony teaches every Saturday at 9am at the studio, and is leading our Free Meditation classes in Inwood Hill Park for the month of June every Friday at 8am!   How did you get into yoga? […]



by Jacob Hoffman   I never went through a lost phase. For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt deeply rooted by a sense of self. There hasn’t ever been a time where the notion of who Jacob is has come into question. I’ve always seen myself clearly. And […]


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